Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Waters

Sometimes, when you aren't able to take a different look at things to help you make better choices, you don't have a full understanding of what you're doing.

I wrote this back in December with that thought in mind. Paths can be chosen, but until you've seen its map from a different perspective, you may never really know what shape the path ultimately takes. And sometimes its neccessary to leave your chosen path in order to find a way to reach your destination in life. I heard a phrase once that relates to this idea- "to be lost, is to be so close to being found."

Hope you enjoy this one! See you tomorrow night!

December 15, 2009

The Waters

The waters of life sometimes,
it looks crystal clear,
in the wake of my views.

Wiping away the stains,
the greens of algae, you understand.
The water was not as clean,
tranquility was elusive you see.

Sometimes, you think you know,
you are sure of the direction
the path is taking.

But when only seen
from the ground your feet rest on-
you can't see the conch shell shape it takes,
in a spiraling circle with no direction at all.

So you must look at your waters,
and you must see your ground,
and chose to take the path or leave it-
for a place that you've yet to have found.


Triana said...

Seems I recall reading this one before, and I still like it :)

My questions: Is it always imperative to know where your path is going? If our paths are always changing, then is it even possible to look ahead, whether from a different view or not? Is it necessary to be lost in order to be found? Or can when be rescued without knowing there was any danger, or simply, just be rescued?

I'm speculating much tonight. In a talkative mood since we only really had football shadowed conversation. Combine that with my lack of ANY intellectual or stimulating conversation for nearly a week now, my gears are over heating!

Shadow said...

sometimes the stream takes you where you're meant to go, not where you're planning to go...

Syd said...

I like that underneath the surface the waters were a bit murky. That certainly describes a lot of my experience.

Rick said...

Yes, I always follow the water. Even the ground leads me to the water. And Shadow is so right. (of course) Ol Mama Shadow-Nice thoughts you had here. Now, where are you this week? I was in Terre Haute today. am I just missing you?

Brosreview said...

I agree with Shadow. Hmm, a lesson here, innit? Nice work! Keep writing!!!