Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tomorrow's Hope

Dianne will recognize this poem I'm sure, but its one I wrote for a fellow blogger who no longer blogs. I thought I'd share it with all of you :)

Tomorrow's Hope

Chances come and go,
dreams we sometimes lose hold,
in efforts to keep at bay-
the pain of what we couldn't say.
But what we feel,
we cannot control,
and it ever reminds us,
of what we thought we should have done.
Turning to the clock to stare,
yes time still moves
in spite of our despair,
but its never too late to see,
to see that you have not lost,
when there is still a breath
to breathe.


Brosreview said...

Seeing towards the light despite darkness is the starting step to embracing hope. Hope drives mankind. A beautiful piece.

dianne said...

Yes dear April I can relate to this beautiful poem ... while I breathe there is always a chance, I never give up hope.
Thanks for sharing it with us all. ♥

Shadow said...

yes, breathe... time is the master and halts for no-one.

Rick said...

April- yes, as long as there is breath, a heartbeat and determination. But some things take two to make it all work. Nice thoughts. ~rick

findingmywingsinlife said...

the light often times helps others to see that Hope might actually exist. It is then that they might chose to embrace it. I'm glad you liked this one!

Your welcome! I knew you'd know where it came from, though like you, I'm a bit disheartened to see that they have yet again left our blogger world :)

I don't know that Time is the master, I often times think we must master ourselves within Time. However, you are right about the fact that it doesn't wait around for any one of us to make up our minds :)

I agree, some things take two, and sometimes they just need the right season of time versus the wrong one.