Friday, January 22, 2010

To Hold a Summer's Night

Here is a new poem of mine to share. Though it is clearly not a warm season around here for me, I got to thinking on summer breeze's and nighttime air which is what inspired this. Hope you like it!

To Hold a Summer's Night

Deep he sat,
under willows bent.
Heavens of night
opened to blanket
the earthen road of
trodden grass.
Funny this,
this calming breeze
of star studded glitters
and smells of green.
Moon was waning,
only a sliver of sight.
The coolness beneath
his barefooted feet;
the dry and moist of mud
almost as dry as dirt.
Crickets called their lullaby
and Fireflies shimmered
their secrets amongst
the darkened sky,
while he sat with
his thoughts in deep.
Nights such as these
held a sensuous sway
with gentle caresses of
its windswept hands
and secrets woven
in the bend of willow's branch.
Such was beauty undenied,
in the heart of a Summer's black night.


Rick said...

April, I can smell that night. the breeze before I feel it. This piece slides easy, and I needed easy tonight. Very good. thank you~rick

Shadow said...

oh wow, take me to that willow tree....

Brosreview said...

Fantastic imagery! Great detailing! Very well done! Do not stop writing!!!

Syd said...

I am longing for some summer nights now.