Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Find a Place of Peace

I wrote this the other day for two of my friends, each struggling with their own inner wars. Hope you guys like it.

For Triana & Rick

To Find a Place of Peace

Sometimes depression is

when you are overflowing
with tastes of bitterness,
that doesn't show itself except
in the lone hours
of huddled corners,
knees drawn up to your chest.

And you revel in the quietness,
where confusion doesn't take its toll
and there is no one around to offer their
when you weren't asking for them.

When all you're looking for
is not even absolution,
not answers- just a release.
A bare all, tell all..
of confessing your pain
to your soul.

An honesty avoided
to conceal the damage.



to face your own worst enemy and
to show yourself your own strength
by grabbing the truth
and swallowing it down.

To become one with the mirrored image,
amd to be ok with what you've found.

To pick up
and pull together
the fragments of your wings,
and become something more
than what you've believed yourself to be.

To find your place of Peace.


Rick said...

Thanks for thinkin of me, April. I'm ok. Same ol rain. I was reading in a book from Selchie (purple shaggy cow) about if peace and happiness are the same thing. I wonder which I'd rather have if they're different. I'm just overwhelmed. I'll enjoy the wallow and then brush myself off. Nice write, thanks~rick

Shadow said...

i feel these words intensely. and the need for release that can be so heavy some days... yo've captured the feelings well!

Syd said...

Nice. I can identify in many ways with this.

Brosreview said...

I can and have faced this quite a few times. A great write! A thoughtful dedication!

findingmywingsinlife said...

hmm, I'd have to say that peace & happiness often times come together hand in hand, but that they are not the same. But that's me and my weird way of thinking :)

Yes, sometimes the need for release is heavier than the emptiness the weight of sorrow or despair often brings.

So can I, that's why I wrote it for them :)

I think many of us have at one time or another. Rick and Triana both are very good friends -even if I've never actually met Rick, but the same could be said of you & Annie as well so I know you understand :)