Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Writing..a few thoughts on my goals

I am in the local library tonight. There is something tranquil about being in a library, almost like the books breath in harmony. It is one of my favorite places to be- when I have the time. I am going to make a concerted effort to spend one night a week here this year (and no its not a resolution, I don't do those).
The purpose of wanting to spend a night a week here is simple- I need to make time to write more than just a post a day. I need to pay attention to these wonderful stories I've created and not finished yet. The characters in these stories have been practically screaming at me to let them out of my head and onto paper. So I'm going to make more time for them.
So far this year, I've managed:
  • to eek out 20,375 words in Kipleyarren, the novel that I shared excerpts of in the beginning of the year (it was longer, but due to revision, I've cut out some things that didn't fit in with where I wanted to take the story)
  • and in the new fiction novel -Dark Wings, started for the NaNoWriMo contest, I've eeked out 10,113 words of which I find interesting considering it only took me two months to write that much and nearly the last two years to write whats in Kipleyarren.
  • I have also completed 30, 524 words in my Memoir entitled The Wing Seeker.
I have learned some interesting things about my writing and how to get out the ideas through this process. Taking time off from the first novel was good. It gave me time to reflect on what I needed to do in order to complete it. Also, having more than one writing project at a time has helped to keep the creativity flowing, if I'm stuck on one- I can work on one of the other ones. It makes it so I'm not trying to push out words and instead helps push out ideas, creates continuity, and builds upon my thoughts.
The fact that I continually posted here on my blog, nearly everyday last year with a few exceptions was a big help. Even if all I did was write a few lines here and there- it allowed my mind to roam with words in exploring life and its possibilities. I will continue to do that this year as well.
And most importantly are some very dear friends who have supported me along the way and will continue to support me with their encouragements and honest feedback- Triana & Lex who are my two best friends in the whole world and I could not do without them in my life, Shadow, Rick (you had better come back to blogger buddy!), Ajey & Annie, Hailey (who is an amazing friend of mine here in the real world- she's planning to bike across America this summer!), and all of the other blog friends on here who I may have failed to mention who have continually encouraged me. Thank You!


Brosreview said...

April, acknowledging Annie and me means a lot to both of us. We are always here to support you and encourage you and give you strength.

Actually, you are a strong woman yourself. Still, I understand you need someone to talk to time and again, and someone to reconfirm your decisions with and support you, have a laugh with to deviate from the daily routine. You have and will get that from Annie and me.

April, you will have a great 2010. Keep your head high and smile! All will be better than just well! Treasure the light (you know what I mean) and all the paths shall light up for you.

All the very best,
Annie and Ajey

Aren O. Týr said...

The idea of working on more than one project at a time is initially counterintuitive, but upon reflection I think you're absolutely right.

My problem (or one of) is the fact I always get pulled in too many different directions - so consequently, I start one project, and then after a little while of great enthusiam, get bored or feel like something else.

I did starting writing my own work of philosophy, but started to grind to a halt; similarly, I have started - in fact, many many times - the beginnings of a novel.

Of course the two types of writing, although very distinct, do share traits in common, particularly if you're aiming at writing something more like "literature" than simply a catchy bestseller, or conversely, at writing something with depth but still accessible, rather than some dry academic or technical tome.

But running the projects concurrently might just be the solution. Rather than dispersing one's energies, each one can creatively flow into the other.

In any case, I might start writing some short bits of "flash fiction" to improve the creative flow, and stick it up on my blog, rather than always attempting (and so far failing) to write some substantial monlolithic opus. I'm obviously not ready for that yet.

Shadow said...

may this be the year of writing for you!!! i love libraries, although the one here is in a rather unsafe area. you'd think they'd do something to change that, but noooooo. i still remember as a kid, sitting in the silence, that smell only a library has, disappearing into books. it was wonderful!

Syd said...

Glad that you are writing. Blogging for a year is great.

findingmywingsinlife said...

It is a blessing to have such good friends as you two.

hehehe. Well, if my theory of doing multiple projects works out well then I'm glad that my musings have done something good for someone :) And your writings, monolithic opus or not, are not in the least failings. They are teaching you about yourself and what works for you- that in the end is all that matters sometimes :)

"the smell that only a library has"- I couldn't agree more!

I've actually been blogging for two years, last year just happened to be the year I decided to do more than just a few posts every couple of months. It has thus far, turned out to be a good decision on my part.

Strawberry Girl said...

I'm glad my darling Ajey picked up the ball here and left a comment as I've been miserable with a toothache for so long.

Like you I have several novels in play, but have at this moment taken a break from them as so many things have been occurring in my life.

Best of luck with your writing April... ironically I've been thinking of spending more time in the library as well, there is something about the creative energy there that makes it appealing.


May your path be illuminated, as Ajey has mentioned...

Ajey and Annie

findingmywingsinlife said...

Strawberry Girl,
I'm sorry to hear that you've been suffering a toothache, those are never any fun.

I agree about the library, it does have a creative energy of sorts to it, but also- for me, there is a sense of peaceful solitude and contentment surrounded by books. I literally feel myself relax when I'm in a library. It helps to ease my mind from the troubles of the day/days.