Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let me Cry

I feel really out of sorts today. Its hard to explain the feelings. This poem will probably seem more like rambling- but then I suppose that's really what it is. Have a good night everyone.

Let Me Cry

Argued to no avail at home and then
talked with my best guy friend
and stumbled on my words.
My soul hurts from my own failings.

Off; somehow these last few days
not being able to say things quite right-
even here in blogland.
These steps are mine, but they need a different road.

Brought home papers
but refusal was thrown back.
Worked like it was the only thing
that mattered, but I know its not.

Wishing for a friend to talk to me again,
though they won't because of the things I have said.
Not knowing how to make that right,
but wanting to.

Irony smiles,
at the seeming twists of fate.
But only for this moment
in time.

Looking at the eyes of my Mother,
not seeing her the same.
Wondering how do I do this
and help her, when she won't ever get better?

And then I hear these words-
told to me straight forward,
honest and true.
The best gift ever given to me.

"Self preservation is an art," he says,
"Carry yourself with honor.
Your strength will see you through,
Because we make of Life what we choose."

I am humbled.
How did I ever deserve such a friend?


lakeviewer said...

I think you did answer your question, though it was hard to fathom.

Rick said...

April-See, now this was gorgeous! Raw and torching. I felt like crying and stamping my foot. Cuz the emotions were yours and real. I need to get up there, Girl, we need a drink! ~rick

Brosreview said...

Brilliant! I am glad to see you are back on the right side now! I like the honesty in this one. I like the rawness in this one. I like everything in this one. Keep writing!!!

findingmywingsinlife said...

you might be on to something with that. Thanks!

Well now Thank You! Go ahead and stamp that foot, sometimes I feel like doing the same when I write these. And yes, we do need a drink!!!

hmmm, didn't know I was on the wrong side ;) I'm glad you liked it! This one is definitely more personal than the last one was.