Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Suprise for all of You

I'm sure many of you read the post below and thought "What the heck was that????" I assure you, its all o.k. I figured that since my thumb and I are having go arounds' every now and then, that this would be a good time to revamp the look of the blog. And...since I'm terrible with technology my dearest friend Lex has agreed to help give it a facelift- hence his post of "Maintanence".

I do apologize for any confusion, and if things should look a little funky or weird on here- I promise you'll like the changes once it all gets worked out. We are using my artwork, but its purely his talented genius with computers and techy stuff that's going to make this possible! Please welcome him to the blog and let's cheer him on as he works his magic or leaves a note or two for you all to read and enjoy.. aside from my kids and my friend Triana, Lex is one of the brightest lights in my life right now and has been the strongest supporter in my hardest of times that I'm currently going through. I owe you a heck of alot Daymaker :)

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


Susan said...

funky and weird is fun

Shadow said...

wheeew, had me worried there, hee hee heeee. looking forward to the revamp!

Brosreview said...

Well, the last post said it all. Looking forward to the changes.

Happy holidays to you too!