Saturday, December 26, 2009

Something We All Can Relate To

As you can see, the re-construction has begun on my blog. There are still some things that need to be worked out, but progress is being made!

The song below was inspired by several people I know personally and their heartaches that they've confided in me about. Its really something I think we each can relate to, because I'm sure each of us at some point in ours lives have loved only to have lost it without quite knowing what went wrong.

The key is to be able to pick yourself up again after its all said and done, which for many people is easier said than done. But there is hope, I believe there is always hope for everyone. This is for everyone who has ever wanted to hide their tears.

I Didn't Want You To See Me Cry

I waited for days,
wondering what to say
when I see you again.

I know everything's not ok,
I know I can't make it right.
Why did you say goodbye?

Sometimes things get lost
in between words not said.
And sometimes you think you know,
when you didn't know enough instead.
A friend I never thought I'd lose,
and now you've said goodbye..
And I..

I didn't want you to see me cry.

A choice has been made
I didn't know was there.
Would've left things alone
if you'd have cared to share.

There is an empty hole,
inside my soul,
because I let you in.

And now its all gone,
there nothing left of me,
but an empty shell you see.
I don't trust enough,
to let love in anymore.

Sometimes things get lost
in between words not said.
And sometimes you think you know,
when you didn't know enough instead.
A friend I never thought I'd lose,
and now you've said goodbye.

And I..

no I....

I didn't want you to see me cry.


Becky said...

I found your blog through a series of random jumps across channels. This poem is moving, and I'm sure it will touch a lot of people. Greetings from England :-)

Brosreview said...

This makes up for a great song April. I am speechless. Well done!!!

Triana said...

You're right, I do understand this poem very much. It's almost along the same lines as my post today, however we both k ow that neither of us feel or expres our emotions in nearly the same manner. Today's posts are as close to equivelants as they come. Don't worry dear friend, hundreds of miles away from you this week, but still *here* for you ALWAYS.

dianne said...

Beautiful poem April dear, yes many can relate to these feelings, myself included...what does one do I wonder?
Close our hearts to love completely for fear of being hurt again or wait hopelessly or in vain for something that may never touch us again?
I have no answers, for it is difficult to make it happen, love cannot be forced no matter how much we want and need it. ♥

findingmywingsinlife said...

Welcome! and Hello from way over here in Indiana! I am glad that the series of jumps brought you here and that you liked this post. I'll have to give you a visit as well, but please do be patient with me...

You???? Speechless?? Is that possible? ;-) Thank you though, It means alot to me coming from you!

Song, not poem my friend. But, otherwise, I told you that you would understand it-- you and a few others that I know were part of the inspiration behind it

I tend to believe that it happens in its own time and when we are ready for it. I think (and please do correct me if I'm wrong) in your case that you are like my dear friend Triana above this comment, you want to be in love so badly but you're terrified of actually being there. Just an observation from a friend, hope you don't mind. Hugs to you as well :)

dianne said...

I just want to be loved and to love April dear, I have so much to give someone who is really special...
I am a little hesitant to get hurt again for every time I get close, so close, love just slips away from me and I am left here alone again wondering when it will ever be right.
Better that I just give the whole idea away and live my solitary existance. ♡