Monday, December 28, 2009

My Secret Garden

I've been thinking on a childhood book that I used to read over and over called The Secret Garden. Another fellow blogger friend posted a video clip on it about a week or so ago and it got me to thinking on it. In fact in a recent phone conversation with Lex, I tried to explain the ideas presented inside the book (I also tried to explain another childhood book called The Girl of the Limberlost to him as well, because there are some similarities in concepts between the two books). The Secret Garden he had heard of vaguely, but not the Limberlost. Which really doesn't surprise me. The author of the Limberlost was originally from the northern Indiana area (the book's location was based on the Limberlost forest that is in Northern Indiana) and I'm not entirely sure of how widely distributed her work was. It is difficult to explain just exactly what I learned from these two books that became well worn from my hands turning their pages over and over, but below is an attempt to do just that.

My Secret Garden

Being who I am,
didn't know what I was,
until I learned to soar
with my own two wings.

Seeing the world forget,
all the secrets of a garden,
I chose instead to see the crocuses
bloom from my hands.

Little did I know,
I was learning to grow,
just as much as my seedlings.
And a smile was forever planted in my soul.

It wasn't just the bird,
who showed me the way,
but my heart that yearned
for more than the world would offer that day.

Laughter has since filled
my heart's room,
and I know my own two feet
can take me wheresoever I choose.

I choose. My choices are mine-
to be me and live in my breathe of time.

for those who were or are interested, you can find the author of The Girl of the Limberlost here & here and the author of the Secret Garden here.


Shadow said...

your secret garden is wonderful...

Brosreview said...

This is, if I may, the title track, the penultimate theme song for your blog, for your life (perhaps).

Life is full of choices. It is the matter of making the right one, rationally.

I love the way you've started this piece. This is very well-written! Very poetic, very artistic. Keep at it!!!

lakeviewer said...

What a lovely poem to declare your resolve to soar. Brava.

dianne said...

Love this poem April dear, and the one you wrote so thoughtfully for our mutual friend.

The Secret Garden is a wonderful story of hope and kindness, it is great for the human spirit and I'm pleased that it has inspired you to write this poem, to blossom and soar with your own two wings. xo ♡

Syd said...

I have a first edition of Moths of the Limberlost which was one of my mother's favorite books. She taught me about moths from this book. It is beautifully illustrated. Thanks for bringing back a flood of memories.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Why Thank you (I think so too..but shhh..don't tell anybody hehehe)

I hadn't really thought of it that way, but I think you're right now that you point it out :) Thank you!

Yes, Thank You!

I am very glad you liked it. I don't know if you've read the story or watched the movie (either one really- secret garden or Limberlost) but while there is hope and kindness intertwined, there is a lot more underneath that is being said. I encourage you to read them sometime :), I think you might enjoy them.

Then you and I have something in common- a knowledge of and for me, a fascination with Moths.