Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Focus Today

There is snow falling outside and I am taking some time to write. To focus on where I'm going and not where I've been. I'm glad to know the world for what it is and I'm glad that in spite of every little thing that sometimes gets me down- I'm glad to still believe and know there is beautiful things to be found.

I hope the same is true for each of you.


Brosreview said...

I like your optimist attitude here April. After all, a pessimist remains stranded on an island due to indefinite in-decisions whereas an optimist seeks several possibilities even in a converging peninsula.

Keep your head high and walk forward. No one can change the past, but one can sure change the finale.

You know Annie and I are doing the same. So, I write this in pride.

Sophia said...

If only snow would fall where I am.

Love your new blog design, by the way.

Alexander Dyle said...

Well, there's our hands. And however much we may think they look ‘moche’, as the French would say, children would not swap their mother's hands for anyone else's. They immediately recognize their mother's hands from the slightest touch on their cheek while they are given a goodnight kiss. I can still remember the touch & warmth of my mother's hands from years ago. If I felt her hands now, I would recognize them instantly. All in all, I think my own hands are probably quite OK.

Shadow said...

good advise there... and i'm liking what i'm seeing!!!

Noelle said...

This is so wonderfully true, April - keep on believing!

findingmywingsinlife said...

You and Annie are meant for each other, of course you write that with pride! But yes, I tend to take an optimistic approach on almost everything..though I did once have a friend who said I was more of a realist. I've never really decided if I agree with that.

I'm glad somebody likes snow, I only appreciate for about two seconds and then I remember how cold it has to be for there to be snow in the first place and then..well..I don't like it so much after that :) And thank you for that, I was beginning to wonder what others thought of the progress made to redo this here blog!

Alexander Dyle,
I have a fascination with hands, so I don't know that I would call them "moche". I think there is so much that can be or is said with our hands that truly get overlooked. To me, they are the most beautiful parts of ourselves. I can't, however, say that I'd remember my mother's hands..but that is a longer story than needs to be told.

Thanks you!!

Thank you! It is good to see you here again! I hope your book of poetry has been doing well???

Becky said...

A lovely post. I really have a strong sense of looking forwards too this year,and that all experiences have in some way been a part of shaping who we are. I like the idea of new beginnings, and as you say, beautiful things to be found :-)

Syd said...

I am doing my best to focus on this day and not to start feeling sad that Christmas is over.