Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Light of My Friend

I'm working on another short story to post in a couple of days. Its been awhile since I've written one. For now though lets see what kind of poem is in me just now:

The Light of My Friend

I saw a light shine
you wouldn't have known it was there,
inside my friend.
There is so much a person has,
that so many just don't see..
but I try to see it.

And I do see it,
there, in this man I know.

that flame, that spark,
it could light up a whole room
with the infectious laughter,
witty words, and compassion
that could fill the ocean
with its sincerity.

Wise words he sometimes gives me.
A hand outstretched in the air,
even in my darkest moments.

The light flickers every now and then,
when life gets him down,
and he needs shelter from the winds
that would blow out his dreams.
But he never ever lets go,
its very beautiful you know.

There is a wondrous gift,
the gift of his friendship,
the world has no idea that such a man

But he does. He is real. He is my friend.

And I believe he will accomplish so much in this life,
that his light will one day be seen
by the world,
with all the great things he will do.

What a beautiful light that shines in you.


Shadow said...

i sure hope he sees the same possibilities in himself...

Brosreview said...

I believe your words will make him see the potential in himself. I believe you'll make him sight the shininess of this light.

Just like how he completes you, you complete him.

"the world has no idea that such a man exists."

Oh yes, it is only once in a while such a true and pure relationship comes to existence.

April, treasure this light!

Syd said...

Nice. I think that he is fortunate to have you for a friend as well.

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Great friends are hard to come by. When you do have the opportunity to meet someone as special, it is a gift indeed. Lovely poem!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I think he's starting to see a few glimpses every now and then. I keep encouraging him that it is definitely there.

I treasure it everyday. Believe me I do.

Thank you, though I sometimes think it is I who is the fortunate one to have such a friend as him.

Yes they are aren't they. I'm glad you liked the poem.