Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Intangible Beauty

I believe that people are beautiful, no matter their outward appearances. I hope that this poem conveys to you each what I mean. I find it challenging to put into words the thoughts that come racing through my head. Thoughts on humanity and all the emotions we have within ourselves combined with the potential that we rarely ever seek out. But we are creatures of wonderous beauty I believe, we just have to see it in a different way than we would normally.

Intangible Beauty

Beauty comes in many forms,
it ebbs and flows in invisible lines,
across the expanse of things seen
and unseen.

Inside a heart, you feel it-
but you cannot see it with the naked eye.
Beauty comes from the coward,
who faces his or her fears.

Inside the mind, you understand it-
but you cannot hear another's thoughts.
Beauty comes from one who knows no different,
for they are not stopped by the unspoken.

Inside a soul, yes you know its there-
but you cannot hold it in your hands.
Beauty comes from one who keeps it close and tends to it,
for it shimmers with its own unique radiance;
A light, a beacon that shines for the world within.


Brosreview said...

Life is full of beauty. It is up to us to see it, notice it and appreciate it. Beauty is not in the face but it is the kindness and consideration in the heart.

Nicely done!

lakeviewer said...

..inside a heart...

Yesm beauty comes from deep in our hearts.

This is very profound.

Shadow said...

this is beauty you feel, not see. i love this!

Sophia said...

Even if we know we are beautiful in our own way, this is not enough for us. We fear our beauty will not be seen by everyone, even if we know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Your poem identified the truth about beauty, however if most will choose to deny that truth because they prefer to see themselves forever with room to improve.

Syd said...

So true what you write. There is some beauty inside every soul.

findingmywingsinlife said...

I think you've said it better than me :)

Thank you!

I thought you might like this one :)

Welcome! Very insightful words you've written here. I think the important thing in life is to realize and be ok with the fact that not everyone understands beauty enough to know what it is and isn't.

yes there is :)