Friday, November 6, 2009

Wonder, Laugh, and Dream

I was extremely exhausted last night and I didn't feel very good at all... and I'm a bit disappointed with myself because of it. I did not get my daily post in and I did not get any writing done in my NaNo novel. The upside to yesterday was a smile as I read a few text messages sent to me by one of my dearest friends in the world. Someday I will show that person that they really do have wings- they must have with all the encouragement their friendship brings me.

Anyway, here is a poem to make up for my absence last night and I assure you, you'll see another post go up later this evening, after I get the work day done.

Wonder, Laugh, and Dream

Memories washed ashore, like the sand
A childhood memories hand, unbroken
difficult to face and yet here I stand,
unbroken too.

I smile in spite of myself at that.

You know here I think, I can still experience that wonder
age doesn't mean much when it comes to loving life.
I can still yet be the child I never was aloud to be.
Isn't the childish laughter we covet-
isn't it really just about being carefree and not taking life forgranted
in our innocence set free?

Yes, I think there is something to that thought.

So I say to myself, who says a grown up can't
play Tag, or Red Rover, or Hide and Seek?

Who says I can't love life and remind my friends
to do the same?

So, I wonder, if I scream (((((MARKO))))) loud enough,
Will others shout ((((POLO)))) and laugh and run with me?


DreamDancer said...

((((((( POLO )))))))) I'm game! Thanks for the uplifting post!

Brosreview said...

This is an upbeat one! I like it! You will get my point - this one is like a LIVE version of a song!!!

Pardon me, shouldn't "aloud" be "allowed".

Syd said...

Happy post. It is good to wonder, laugh and dream.

findingmywingsinlife said...

You're On!

I hadn't thought of that, but as I go back and read it I think you are right! Thanks! -oh and yes, silly me wrote the wrong word in there...need to go back and fix that.

Yes it is isn't?