Monday, November 9, 2009

An Unamed Poem to Share

Here is another poem I wrote for a fellow blogger friend, who at the time I sent it, was in a point of their life where they were struggling to find both comfort and peace in their lives. Both physically and emotionally. I am happy to say they are now in a much better frame of mind and even hopeful with their newfound love they've recently met. I am sooooo happy for them and I hope it continues to go well for the two of them!

I've never named it, and I really am not sure what to name it, so I'll leave it go for now. Hope you all enjoy it as much as my friend who needed it did and still does- they still thinks its my best work.

Veiled truths told,
as his body fell to unfold the mire
He shook and shivered
an indignation of solitude bearing mark
to the hand of fire.

Her stare, penetrating deep and asking
of him nothing less than to stand.
Pity she held not, but a flame of wonder
at the beauty she saw in him,
the quake of humanness unraveled.

Grappled in tears unshed, fears yet unborn
the grasp of hands tiny and slender like twigs,
pulled him from his weight of heartaches
etched in stone, covered in stains of years that echo,
and her roots made still the earth on which he trembled.

Shhh, she whispered on the air towards his ears,
music unlike any of which he heard.
Soothing they were, those branches that reached for him
and a stare that washed away mud of disillusions,
giving way for him to see the kindness of thoughts given to him.

only black gives way to light, marking the pathway,
for light is found best in mid of night, as midday never has held it.
Shhh, she whispered on the air, take comfort where least have found it.
Shhh, I am here to hold the weakened steady,
to walk along the way and give what is needed,
to keep you on your stay- in this life.


Shadow said...

how soothing, how reassuring...

Strawberry Girl said...

Fantastic piece!

dianne said...

Very beautiful and comforting April...your poetry is amazing. ♡

findingmywingsinlife said...

that's exactly What I was going for!

Strawberry Girl,
Good to see you come for a visit! Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you dianne, you always say such nice things and I appreciate that!