Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time and Place

I'm back. I really had no intentions of not blogging the last couple of days, but between the classes down in Memphis, the drive back home, this or that...there just wasn't time & I'm usually the first to say that there is always time to write. You fit it in, you squeeze it in here, or you rearrange things there to get in a few minutes of writing time. Its good for my soul to write. Its good therapy for my brain to stimulate and think over the days events and put into a poem, a story, or a line of thought that sums up my train of thoughts at that moment.

Here is a poem to sum up one of the nights I spent in was quite a riot! The poem itself sort of runs on and on, but I think it gives the right feel of the night. How it just seemed to last forever in a few hours time.

Time and Place

weary after class, I decided
upon a whim to put on a bathing suit
and head down to the hot tub
the hotel provided.
Met a woman from Virginia
chit chatted a bit, and discovered
a street called Beale existed in Memphis'
downtown..we agreed to go.
Coyote Ugly, BB Kings, lights a flashing
people walking and gawking
at this or that. Beaaauuutiful music
came flowing out onto the streets.
Jazzy tunes with a little blues.
I love these things, the mix of people
without regard to looks, backgrounds
and what nots. We walk down to Coyote's
and the doormen remember my friend,
apparently she'd been out the night before.
We walk in to find two fellow classmates
shooting a game of pool, New Orleans
was getting beat bad by Michigan's Woman.
4 games-outta 6, He couldn't master her.
But he held his own and gave respect,
Tipped his head a bit in a bow and let her take him
by the arm. He had lost a bet and
she reminded him of Karoake down the street.
Texas walked over, impressed by the lady's skills
and bought a round of Petrone for all.
Shit, There went my goal of no drinks for the night
and off to Karoake we went.
Virginia's country style led me down the street,
talking of horses and family and friends,
while Texas kept his stride just a bit back behind.
We all talked and laughed and headed into the bar,
Michigan handing out squares of paper-
guess New Orleans wasn't the only one
who had to take the stage.
"I didn't lose no bet, HE DID!
What you mean I gotta get up there?"
We sat and chatted, had a good time
Soon my name was called and I took the stage.
Been years since I've done that.
But sing I did and to my disbelief,
I heard woot wooing's throughout the bar,
a few stray whistles and shouts of "You go Girl!!!!"
people who knew me not stood at the door to listen,
stopped out on the streets by the blare of my voice
streaming through the speakers they'd posted outdoors.
I couldn't see the crowd in front of me,
and I'd drank enough not to care-
gone was all my stage fright.
When I was done, there was clapping all around
and I couldn't believe they really liked it.
But they did, they shore did.

New Orleans gave a smile, Michigan, Virginia
and Texas couldn't have been more impressed.
And I walked with my friends out on the streets,
walked with them clear up to our hotel.
Learned that Texas works with genomes research,
learned that Virginia had class and works with the homeless,
learned that New Orleans just plain ass had some style

and is a damn good photographer-
and Michigan, well that girl knows how to play pool,

a feat I envy.
Not a one of us will probably ever see each other again,
but we shore did have a good time, we shore did.
Such is the way things go, depending on the Time and Place.


Spellbound said...

Damn Girl, we're gonna have a high old time in DC! Sorry, that just popped out. This reminds me of a night I spent in Denver with a new friend from Texas, Denna Marie. She taught me how to shoot pool. I still have her cell number. I should call her and ask her to join us next month. BTW I actually blogged today. Go figure.

Shadow said...

what a night!

Syd said...

Have you heard Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn? It is a great song. It sounds as if you had quite a time. I'd love to listen to blues there.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Yes we are! I'll see you then :)

Yes it was and I did enjoy it. It's been a long time since I "let my hair down" so to speak.

That is one of my absolute favorite songs! "Tell me are a christian child and I said MAN I Am Tonight! walking in Memphis...." that is my favorite line.

Brosreview said...

Good imagery here! I felt like I "Saw" all of this!

findingmywingsinlife said...

you should have seen some of the pics to go with it... hilarious!