Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Son

I'm spending time with my son tonight. He has been in need of just me and him time. Here is a short poem for you each. May you all have a wonderful holiday season!

My Son

Curious eyes,
always asking questions,
he'd tear apart everything I own,
just to see how to fit it
back together again.
How does this work?
Look, look Mom, look
what I can do!!! as he swings
back and forth, balancing on his
arms in mid air amongst my
kitchen countertops...
and I nearly gulp my heart
back into its place
with the dare devil feats
he trys.
I think he'd burn both ends
of the candle in less than
an hours time with all
his carryings about,
but he's sweet, he cares,
hugs me and says he loves me,
"Waaaayy up to the purplest, reddest Milky Way Mom"
that's how he measures his
love, in terms of how far he can take it.
And to him the Milky way is way beyond anything else.
He's my son,
a beautiful boy who will
grow to be a lovely, gentle Man.


Spellbound said...

I have written a poem for each of my children, how could I not. This one for your son is perfect. Thank you for sharing

Natalie said...

He sounds like a lovely boy. *smile*

The Write Girl said...

What a sweet poem about your son. I enjoyed my visit here. May you have a lovely holiday as well.

BloggerMouth said...

Awww :-) This is the cutest thing on your blog!

Shadow said...

i loved this read. it brought a smile to my face.

findingmywingsinlife said...

You are welcome and thank you for such kind comments!

Good to see you! And I happen to think so, but man is ever on the go ALL THE TIME :)

The write girl,
Thank you and its good to see you pop in, I hope the holidays go well for you too!

your making me smile over here!

I'm glad it did, we all need a smile every now and then. Too bad we couldn't keep one in our pockets for safe keeping...just a random thought I had just now.