Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Apologies

Ive been really, really busy with things and I missed posting last night. I'm leaving for Memphis, TN tomorrow and will be there the whole week.

Lately, I've really had my mind on some fellow bloggers who've left the blogger world. Some still have their blogs up, but haven't seen a post from them in over 5 months. Others have taken their entire blogs off of here- in fact I just saw that one was taken down today. Its sad to me really, makes me feel like for whatever reason, they didn't feel welcome in our blogging community anymore.

So to all of the wonderful people who've stopped blogging- please know that you are more than welcome here and I hope to see you each continue your writings once again.

See you each tomorrow once I make it in to the hotel where I'll be staying. I'm guessing it will be a late night post. Take care everyone and hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


lakeviewer said...

There are millions of bloggers, and more signing up each day. When one leaves, five take his/her place. There is a big community out there.

dianne said...

Yes it is sad when bloggers leave the blogging community for whatever reason, some say farewell some don't, it's nice if they do leave a message of Farewell, then we don't worry about them so much.
I have come close more than once because of a 'falling out' with a fellow blogger,who decided to make his personal grievances with me a 'public' hurt me... then I thought why should I go, wouldn't give him the satisfaction.
Have a great time in Memphis April dear, I hope it's not all work? ♡

Rikkij said...

April-enjoy Memphis Say Hi to Elvis. Gee, Lakeviewer-that sounded a lil cold. Brrr...~rick

Shadow said...

its sad to see blogging buds go... without knowing why. have a safe and happy week!