Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Conversation and Tea

A poem for you to enjoy. Have a good night everyone and have fun untangling this one...

Conversation and Tea

As are all things,
the touch, feel, or smell
of them is different for each.
The quantity of qualities
mixed with tangible and intangible
perceptions of what is real and
what is not, is not the same
for everyone.

An example you say?

My hands are always cold, and small-
but you, you might find them to be fragile
or strong, depending on what you've
experienced or lacked in your
education of life.

Another example, you say?

Well, Not all knowledge
is lent in the books of shelves
randomly selected in alphabetical
orders that an illiterate man
would be unable to decipher

and yet, that same man- if relayed by
speech, was given the information
those books contain,
he'd surely give a more profound
insight into its words as he has heard them
in a different tune, one mute of
a trained reader's eye.

You don't follow my thought? That's alright,
proves my point.

You see, Our perception, thought, ideas-
these things we grasp and yet cannot hold,
they are infinite in their possibilities
though some would lay claim to demanding
they stay finite, that they have boundaries
to reassure their own measures.

But your measure is not mine and likewise,
as are all things,
the touch, feel, and even the smell
of them is different for each.

That is the beauty of life and is what
makes it worth living. It is, without a doubt,
the great debate between you and me.

Your shaking your head??? and cocking a half-smile at me!

Yes, I know, you still think I've lost a few marbles
here and there. Doesn't change how I think.
By the way, Did you like the tea?


Shadow said...

as long as our peceptions do not get coloured by the expecations of society!

dianne said...

No tangles here dear April, it is brilliant as usual.
Tea! What tea we seemed to get diverted? ♥

Berowne said...

"Did you like the tea?"

Yes, fine -- but where was the sympathy?

pilgrimchick said...

Fabulous! And yes, tea is great!

Syd said...

I think that this is about our individuality and how I need not be molded to be like another or to expect them to be like me.

findingmywingsinlife said...

I agree and that was part of the point to this post :)

Glad you liked it. The reference to Tea was because I was attempting to depict this poem as if we were all sitting and enjoying our tea while making random conversations :)

Its always a welcome treat to see new faces on here, please feel free to visit anytime.

hmmm...I suspect you'll find that sympathy if you look close enough :)

Pilgrim chick,
Yeay! someone else likes my tea too..maybe I should do this more often...

Yes it does have a bit to do with that as well. Sometimes No Expectations is the greatest gift we can offer ourselves and others.

Brosreview said...

It all comes down to perception, doesn't it? I figured this out quite a few years back. Probably, when I was too young, when people would mistake honesty with rudeness.

Nicely written!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I have often noticed people mistaking honesty with rudeness or criticalness. I sometimes wish more people would understand the difference, but too often they let their own perceptions get in the way I think.