Thursday, October 22, 2009

Words of Wisdom from other Bloggers

Its been a very long day, 12 hours straight of working. So I'll leave you all with just a few blogger quote's I found on a few of our fellow bloggers' pages:

"Sometimes, truth can be found in the *margins*. "- Kris at This Will Hurt Me

"Shelve your indifference."- Je Maverick at Poetry, Love Poems, and Fun

"My butterfly friend returned yesterday and I chased her around the yard as she flew from flower to flower"- Marion at Dragonfly's Poetry and Prolixity

"With the heartache and pains of life I have let way to much stuff get in the way of my dreams"- God's Child at Expanding My Wings (don't worry my friend, I didn't put your name here, so no worries about that)

"Sometimes, there really is no translation."- Bee at The Desk of Bee Drunken

"Consumed but not devoured....Penniless but never poor" The Write Girl at Write In Motion


Shadow said...

you choose them well.

Syd said...

Great quotes. I'm going to check out those blogs too.

Marion said...

I'm glad you enjoyed visiting my blog. You should have seen me trying to follow that fluttering butterfly. It was hilarious. My husband was watching me through a window and said, "What have you been drinking?" LOL! Blessings!!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Thank you, I'm telling you though- bloggers are intelligent beings and there are so many great things being said out there that sometimes its hard to choose what to post when I do these :)

Thanks, I'm sure each blog owner would love to see a new visitor!

I wondered if anyone had saw you do that! I bet it was a refreshing sort of thing to be doing though..chasing butterflies like children do :)