Monday, October 26, 2009

Will You Walk With Me?

You wouldn't believe how much better I feel today!

Below, is another poem of sorts. A conversation of my thoughts relayed to each of you. Hope you each had a wonderful start to your week!

Will You Walk With Me?

My mind has been wandering,
it seems for days,
lost in thoughts and ponderings of late
that bring me to wonder what is fate?

I've been thinking of two roads,
choices laid in front of me,
a third choice exists still and I've
promised only that one I know I'll travel.

Yes, I've one goal in mind to reach at all costs.

But, the other ones- tentative strings,
hopeful wishes within me.
That third is more possible, but most
wouldn't see it that way, most wouldn't understand.

They would say how could the farthest,
the most outlandish desire of dreams-
how could that...? How could that
be the most feasible feat?

And I would say,

Because it is the only one that depends
only on what decision I make, on what actions I take.
The others? Well, those take other decisions outside of me
To determine the shape those paths might take.

You see,

I'm walking a road that leads to my dreams,
a road few others see, or at least not the way I do.
I'm praying others join this road I travel
and reach unfullfilled dreams- their legacy.

With all my soul, I hope they do. I really hope they do.

But I cannot help others walk it,
they must learn to use their own two feet.
So my dear friends are you planning your steps?
Are you chasing your dreams?

Tell me, will you walk with me?


Rikkij said...

April, be careful. Some who say they will walk with you only come to trip you up out of jealousy. When your feet take flight, extend to me your hand. I'll fly along. Lovely writing. ~rick

DreamDancer said...

sometimes choices are difficult when faced with so many different paths... i'm trying to find the right one. i know i will, in time. lovely post.

Shadow said...

i'll walk with you. and let's all chase our dreams. isn't that what makes it all worthwhile?

kberman said...

April, I loved your poem and I believe the third road is the natural road for you. Yesterday was my 69th birthday and I have learned to generalize my dreams to others. Mine is the general "I want to help others to grow". It gives me something to report yet is so broad it could be a number of things. I do this because when you are pursuing your dreams, there will be many forks in the road. And you don't want to get stuck with one you no longer desire. Love, Kathy

SarahA said...

Life is short. I won't walk with you though; I'll skip! I am liking your words, you. I am liking you chasing your dreams.Never stop!

Spellbound said...

It takes a lifetime to know if you made the right choice but I am very sure you will be true to your self. Problem with that road is you often have to walk it alone, but not always. I look forward to seeing you in December.

findingmywingsinlife said...

I have missed you on this blog world! But thank you for the lovely advice, believe me I'll extend my hand to you so you can fly along- I'd do that for all my friends :)

I understand what you mean. Keep at it, you'll find the right path for you in time :)

Yeaaaaay! It'll be so much more fun if you'll join me! And yes, that's what makes it worth the while.

Happy Belated Birthday to you! I'm glad you liked my poem and glad you've stopped in to visit my blog!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I think you, Shadow, and me are going to make quite a sight walking this road, hehehe!

I'm inclined to agree with that and yes, I'm looking forward to seeing you in December as well!