Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Longing

Well, its been a long day for me, but I've managed to write a short poem tonight. I do hope you like it.

A Longing

There are sad tears,
here in my eyes.

come closer to me,
the moonlight is getting thin,
I miss the touch of skin
on mine.

Trace my outline with your fingertips,
my face held in your hands,
and my hands reaching up
to bring you closer.

But you are not there,
its just a dream.

There are sad tears in my eyes,
is this how it will always be?
You so far removed and away
from me?


DreamDancer said...

The warmth of the human touch heals, if only for a moment. I understand the longing.

Shadow said...

when dreams feel so very real....

dianne said...

That is so beautiful...
"is this how it will always be?" ... I often ask myself the same question. ♡

Syd said...

Nice poem. Thanks for this.

findingmywingsinlife said...

I believe you are correct about that which reminds me of a book series I read. a favorite author of mine writes historical fiction,Kathleen O'Neal Gear.One of her series called the "In Me" series (there are 3 books) focuses on what the native americans felt about human touch as a healing practice.

Tell me about it..don't you ever wonder when the dreams get to become real???

I knew you'd relate to this one! Good to see you here again!

Your most welcome!