Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lean On Me

I've decided to take some time today to breath. Yesterday's events did not bode well for me, but I won't go into them here.

I am more determined than ever to finish my books. Did you know that despite my busy work schedule and other issues, I've managed to write ideas, thoughts, and a few pages here and there in my book I called Kipleyarren? I'm really excited about how its turning out, though I'm convinced there is more I should be doing with it and more revising that will need to be done.

Many of you have read some of the chapters I posted previously this year and I have since changed its name, done a lot of revising, added several chapters, and I am still working towards its completion. There are days when I am weary to the bone, but I have not given up on my dream of writing. I have taken the advice of a dear friend and have started scheduling time for myself each week to relax, unwind, and write.

I'll see you all tomorrow and let you know how I progressed with my writing today. Until then, I'd like to share a song to show my dearest friends just how much they mean to me and to say thank you for lifting me up when I was so down yesterday:


lakeviewer said...

One of the greatest support you'll have will be from other writers, in blogland. There are many of us who keep pounding the keys, crafting the tale, looking at just the right word to substitute here and there. Keep on trucking/writing.

Brosreview said...

Nice song! And, yes, I agree with lakeviewer.

Syd said...

Good for you with the writing.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Thank you for that support, I truly appreciate it :)

Thank you!

I'm trying to keep at it. Believe me I am.