Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sometimes, I just don't know.

and I'm ok with not knowing things-at least when it comes to being there for someone and not knowing exactly what it is that's got them down.

For instance right now I have a friend who is struggling with a certain life situation and for right now they've only shared with me the surface details, a hint here and there that something isn't quite right in their life. They've put up a certain wall of defense over the years (one I'm all too familiar with as I still have the wall of "bubble space" issues) and because of that, they've never learned to trust and lean on someone for support when they need it (at least I'm fairly sure that's the case here, but I don't want to assume that that is the absolute case).

So, as a friend, I offer my support even though I'm "blind" to the situation.

What I guess I'm saying is that while I really don't know what the issue is, it doesn't really matter- I'm still going to offer my hand of friendship, a hug if they need it, and a listening ear/shoulder to lean on should they decide to take it.


DreamDancer said...

Sometimes that's all a friend needs... just to know someone else cares.

lakeviewer said...

You have great instincts and a good soul.

findingmywingsinlife said...

my sentiments exactly!

I don't always think so, but I do try.