Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Be You and be Free

"To be free to be me, well to me, that sounds like the best way to be." - me

There are so many things in life that seems to weigh people down. But really, I think they are just afraid to let others see who they really want to be, to see the things they really want to do, to be free enough to say to others "if you're gonna love me, love me for who I am and not for what you wish me to be."

It is my hope that you each find the courage to be yourselves, to be comfortable in your own skin and to follow whatever & wherever your passions might lead you to make a difference- for yourself and for those you love.

Just some thoughts of mine I thought I'd share with you all tonight. Take care and I'll be back. My post tomorrow might be a little later in the evening as I'm going to a local concert tomorrow night. Until then..


Shadow said...

'to be me' is the way to be for sure! and yes, we do have a knack to go around creating our own burdens and boundaries, limiting ourselves. why, why, why...

Syd said...

Nice post. I think that's the goal for me--to be comfortable with who I am.

SarahA said...

I am thinking, it is only when we are comfortable in our own skin, others can be comfortable around us and to be truely comfortable in our own skin, then yes we have to be true to ourselves *dance* your words got me thinking. Thanks for that. My brain does not do enough of such!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I don't know, but when one of us figures it out, we'll let each other know right??? :)

I think that's the goal for most people, whether they realize it or not.

Your welcome, and thank you for your words and thoughts- gives me some things to think about as well.