Thursday, October 1, 2009

To My Dear Friends

Below is a letter that I wrote to all of my friends, both in real life and online, on September 1, 2009. It is not- I repeat- not a farewell letter. But it is more of an encouraging hand extended to each of you to help you through whatever your trials in life may be.

To My Dear Friends,

We all face challenges of the likes that we had hoped to never see, and yet, we come out as stronger wiser individuals. I've struggled endlessly on end somedays battling my own fears and demons- much like I suspect you are. I cannot offer more than my listening ear and/or my voice of thoughts should you ask for them-for I am not equipped with power enough to change the circumstances of which you are enduring. But I will gladly offer you my friendship until there is no breath left in me. I will gladly stay up into the night's dawn of morning if you should need me to do so. I will do whatever is neccessary to help you walk through this life with your head held high, if it is I who could give you such comfort. You are courageous in ways you don't even see. You are beautiful to me. Never forget that.


Brosreview said...

A beautiful piece! And, yes, this is straight from a person with a good heart.

Shadow said...

thank you!

Rikkij said...

April-beautifully put. thanks~rick

findingmywingsinlife said...

You are all more than welcome! I'm glad you each liked it!