Thursday, September 17, 2009

Changes with Choices: part 2 of short story

For Lakeviewer- this took me awhile to decide which direction to take this story. I hope you and all the other readers enjoy!

Her head buried deep into his hands. She had been curled up against the apartment wall, knees drawn up as he bent down and wrapped his frame around her protectively, shifting her into his lap. What else could he have done? He did not know what else to do for her, so he stroked her disheveled hair back into place. It had been only hours ago that he had commented to someone about how she was such a strong woman.

And she still was.

That would never change about her. He'd watched her over the last year and had learned from her. How to take things in stride, how to tactfully say what needed to be said to others without so much as raising her voice, and how to face your fears head on. Yes, this small frame in his lap was the strongest woman he'd ever encountered and she had put him to shame that first day he had blown up at her. He'd been trying his best ever since to show her he could be better than that, that he would be better than that.

He had never before in his life wanted to change for anyone else..until then. There was something there. Something he still couldn't put his finger on, but he did not want to disappoint her again.

He smiled at the thought, never underestimate the strength of tiny women. She had managed to stand up to him in ways no one had ever dared to before. She also taught him the value of laughter. And he was greatful for the lessons in life that she taught. Yes she had taught him so many things. Things he didn't understand until now.

Before, his anger had always gotten the better of him. But he could never figure out why. No one had really deserved his outbursts, they all loved him so. The culprit sparking that flame of anger had always been so elusive, just barely out of his hands reach. The search for clues as to what it was nearly drove him insane further sparking his hotheadedness. But he saw now why he was so angry before he had made the decision to leave his hometown. He never loved himself, indeed he was angry at the world for loving him when he did not feel it warranted.

He looked down at the tearful woman in his lap. She had taught him to love himself, to love who he could be and to never accept less than the dreams he dreamed. He marveled at the fact that she was trusting him to hold her. She never did that. With anyone.

He felt his soul quake just then. A sudden dawning of comprehension occurred in his mind. He felt his heart beat louder. His veins seemed to pump with hot blood and he felt the insides of him tremble. How long had he felt this way? Would she let him? His hands tremored slightly as he delicately ran his fingers across her cheek to wipe away the tears.

Something must've happened today while he was gone. Something must have triggered the hurt she had long buried inside. He wanted so desperately to help heal her. To love her.

Right now, he would just hold her for he knew instinctively that was the best medicine she needed. He then pulled her up to his chest, gently laid her head against his shoulder and bent his own head down to kiss her forehead. And they sat there the whole night while he let her cry.


Shadow said...

wow. moving. well done here. oh to be held like that...

dianne said...

That is so beautifully written April dear, filled with emotion and very moving...where are guys like that? ♥

findingmywingsinlife said...

Thank you my friend! I think we each, both men and women alike, wish to be held like that from time to time.

That means alot coming from you! I suspect that the guys are asking that very same question about women.

Syd said...

Thanks for this. I believe that many can relate to those feelings.