Monday, August 24, 2009

Who I am

Who I am
by April L. Gerard (findingmywingsinlife)

Who am I?

I am not just another woman,
I am a person with thoughts and ideas,
I see the world with curious eyes
and I delve deep into what knowledge
I can find.

I am not a person meant to be pushed, shoved,
or broken at the will of another's.
I am not perfect, nor do I wish to be-
but I strive to do all that
my hands will allow me to do.

I am a person of many emotions,
swept into the deepness of my tears
on days when it seems no one else has seen
the trials of our fellow mankind.

Could just a few of my actions help?
This I always ask myself.
This I try to keep as a part of my life mission.
The ripple is far reaching and unknown,
so I try to take care of what I've sown.

I am not just another woman
nor do I take kindly to words of batterment,
I will build such a wall of defense,
that you will no longer be allowed in,
If it is anger you throw at me.

I am a person of worth, of value.
And so is my heart, my mind, and my friends
who help to define what is in me to do.
And I look to make things better
Because I know it starts with me.

I am a woman of intelligence,
so please do not treat me otherwise.
Condescending, impatient actions
wrought by those who seek for themselves,
these are the few things I have no patience for.

I am a student of life, just as you
and I try everyday to walk in someone else's shoes.
You learn that perspective changes
when seen through another's eyes.
It is this knowledge I gather that shapes me,
helps me to be more than what I am today.

I am not just another Woman,
I am me, innocent and naive,
weather worn and burdened
with certain memories. And yet,
I Choose to love, therefore it is love I am or at least I try to be,

just as you are and will be; I, well, I am me.


lakeviewer said...

This is a strong Declaration of Independence from someone with a strong voice. Hear, hear.

Brosreview said...

This is super-strong! Well done! Keep writing!!!

Shadow said...

i like you! will you be my friend?!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Thank you!

Thank you as well!

Absolutely! 'course I was under the impression we already were :)