Friday, August 14, 2009

What would we do???

Yesterday was a really long day, but it ended well! After getting some much needed rest, I headed to my last stop of meetings and then when all was said and done- I made my way back to my area of the state.

I met up with Triana who, the wonderful being that she is, had gotten us free tickets to see the band Theory of a Deadman. Me being me- I couldn't remember what songs they sang until they started singing, my favorite song by them would probably be Santa Monica. So even though I had a long few days of working, it all went well and I got to go to a concert for free! I call that a very awesome way to chill after some serious days on the road and in meetings.

After the concert, her and I sat out on the upper balcony/patio porch thingy that they had and soaked up the cool breeze (it had been extremely hot inside during the concert) while doing some people watching. As I watched the interaction between people, I started to wonder- what would we do with our time if we didn't have to work, if instead we were given the opportunity to forge our own way in life?

I wondered if people would find more inspiring and fullfilling things to do with their time. I don't know, just me here, wondering about the possibilities as usual. And there are so many possibilities in life.


V.I.Z said...

That concert sounds like a blast--hope they come to my town.

Wine and Words said...

I spoke to a 65 year old man last night who tried retirement twice and just got too bored with it. Me...I would sure like to not have to work. I imagine I could find plenty of interesting paths available only to those who have 9:00 - 5:00 free and clear. But who knows?

Rikkij said...

April-I'm thinking we would invent jobs. us being us. but I'm with W&W-I could keep busy enough.

Shadow said...

i've wondered that a lot myself. and i think, mischief would breed if we didn't work. after all, work should be something we like or love, a choice, for the fortunate few. and without being productive and feeling useful, the soul would be empty. so, whether you call it work or pursueing your hobby, with more free time, we would eventually end up doing something another would call 'work'... sheesh, does this make sense?????

findingmywingsinlife said...

Good of you to visit here- you should do that more often you know. I'm sure they will hit your town, or at least nearby your area anyway. If you go see them, let me know how it went!

Wine and Words,
Hello! Nice to see a new person visit. I've known several people as well who've tried to retire and found that they needed work to keep them occupied. The thing is I can never tell if its because they lack imagination or lack hope to be able to do what they want with their own time. Maybe its both, maybe its neither.

Yes I suppose you're right, we would probably just invent jobs. That's sort of a depressing thought though.

I've often thought the very same things myself. So yes, you make perfect sense to me!