Monday, August 3, 2009

We Live

A beautiful fountain of wisdom,
gained one day at a time from mistakes made
by the unknowing of things experience would bring
and by the stubborn will of iron might.
The very torrents we'd call our downfalls,
will lend its hand to our planting of more
educated guesses and wise silence when called for.
Realized potential blooms when thoughts
begin to flow in the river of time
in strings of dreams becoming actions
and enlistments of other hands have been made.
Journeys are bound together as fate would seal
the paths together in joint parallel roads,
sometimes one would bend away, only to cross again,
but still- the journey with different pathways,
different views and stays- still, it is still the same
breath of beauty that allows us to learn and grow
even in our own confusion, even in our own utter
bewilderment at our own messes made, we grow.
We learn. We Live.

Currently listening to this song:
"If today was your last day" by Nickelback


Double-Dolphin said...

Very true. Good stuff April.

Rikkij said...

April-yes, the journey. lessons and adventures in criss cross and puzzle. Nice post. ~rick

Shadow said...

how i love the positive twist here... life's not all sunshine and roses, but i guess that makes up appreciate them all the more when they do come around.

Laura said...

I really like this resonates within. Good stuff inside you, thanks for sharing it.
Love and Light,

findingmywingsinlife said...

Thank you.

Thank you as well!

Yeah, that's a bit of what I was striving to convey. Mostly though, I just wanted people to take a more serious look at living for what it is, learning from it, and not taking it forgranted.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the post.

dianne said...

Very beautiful and profound really have a wonderful insight when it comes life and how we live it. ♡