Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To Give

I'm back home now, safe and sound. Training was wonderful and I met some really talented people and learned many things. There are two things I wish to post: One is a request, the other is a poem.

First, I want to take some time to ask each of you to please keep two friends of mine in your thoughts and prayers. One friend has made some choices the were both unhealthy and unwise and needs some time to get themselves straightened out. The other friend is battling some health issues and I do hope they pull through this bit of a rough spot.

And now, below is a poem of mine for today. It fits in well with both the thoughts in my head today and what I hope more people chose to do with themselves as a life mission, not as a one time thing to do every now and then.

Take not your judgements
of another persons deeds,
but give them your hand
for them to know, you care.
Take not your own eyes
of what you would or wouldn't do,
but offer to stand beside them
to help catch them when they fall.
Take not.
But Give.
Give of your time, Give of your thoughts,
Give of your compassion. Give of your Love.


Shadow said...

i love your poem. the sentiments express are exquisite. worth heeding... and i'll say a prayer for your 2 friends.

Rikkij said...

Yes, April. mercy over judgement. the true definition of friendship. Lovely poem. ~rick

Syd said...

I'm glad that you are home safe and sound. I hope that your friends will be okay. They are in my thoughts and prayers. Great poem.

dianne said...

Beautiful poem as usual April, we can all learn some humility from this. ♡