Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm been in Indianapolis since last night and will be here until tomorrow evening for work, they've got me in a training session to learn the updates on some of the things we do and new rules and regulations. It has been an interesting training session and today one of the interactive sessions was about learning the different personality types in the work environment. We did self assessments based on a "Personality Compass". Apparently I fall into the "East" personalities which are known to be long term goal setters, seeing the big picture of things, and being open to all possibilities. East personalities are not known for being attentive to day to day details. I learned alot of things from this exercise, but the two things from this that really stuck with me were these:

1. There are very few people in the world with the "East" personality types according to our presenter. They are also looked at as a bit unorthodox or unconventional, but many people derive hope and inspiration from these personality types.

2. Those with this personality type are most often found in the top management or are the CEO of a company. These are the people who can see enough of the future and where things are heading to direct an entire group of people.

I found it interesting that I was one of only 2 people, in the room of appoximately 25 or so others, who fell into this personality category. I never knew these things about myself and I'm not sure that I would qualify to be a CEO somewhere, but this exercise definitely allowed me to not only look at my best qualities- but also to take a look at my worst qualities and work on them. Have any of you taken personality assessments and if so, what did you discover?


Rikkij said...

April-hmmm..I think I have half this personality. I don't set long term goals but see the overall pick. What'll that get me? ~rick

Shadow said...

i love these kind of assessments. i've taken a few over the years, and it's always well worth it.

Natalie said...

I reckon I am one as well, April. I am always trying to paint the big picture for those around me. :D