Thursday, August 27, 2009

Occurance of My Thoughts

Triana and I have had many, many discussions over the past few days about certain things I'm currently trying to deal with. I'm sure in a few days time or so (really, it will be whenever she gets around to doing it- as is her personality on these things) she'll probably write a few posts on her blog and quote me on a number of things (both in and out of context, as she is prone to do sometimes). Either way, this poem was inspired by our "BandAid vs. Stitches" theory/discussion we had last night.

Occurance of My Thoughts

It occurred to me,
that I will never know
the wholeness of a heart.

I've known my heart
has been bruised
for too long a time now.

It occurred to me
as I discussed with a friend,
that a bandaid really was what I had.

Though I told her,
I'd much rather take
the stitches and a scar.

It occurred to me,
that my heart really has been strong,
and has carried me through well.

But I've also found,
that a bruised heart,
can bleed endlessly from the slightest touch.

It occurred to me,
that I will always know,
bittersweet pains of joys and sorrows.

Yet I've never known lonely,
quite as well
as I've gotten to know it this year.

It occurred to me,
that this feeling might be
just a passing; a mere fleeting thought.

Still it has definitions-
quite like realness,
in the far reaches of my mind.

And It occurred to me,
that I need to fix this heart of mine,
so that the slightest touch will no longer hurt it.

but then I know,
I'm sure we all,
wish to mend our hearts whole.


Shadow said...

yes, we do wish our hearts whole. but with the scars and stiches comes wisdom. or so i'd like to believe...

Brosreview said...

I readily agree with Shadow! Nice lines, by the way!

Rebekah Cadman said...

So true shadow. I think that it really captures the truth.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Ah yes. You are quite correct Shadow. This poem was simply me thinking out loud and letting out a bit of frustration, hope you all don't mind me doing that every now and then!

Thank you!

Its seems we are each in agreement on the wisdom pain can often bring.