Friday, August 21, 2009

My Boss's Wisdom, He's Hilarious!

Don't ask how my boss Carl and I got on this topic at work, but it was so funny to me I nearly choked with laughter! Here is a rundown of his mini speech/rant he spouted after we got to talking about other people and their little quirks:

"I never could understand some people. I mean, sometimes you just can't take things or yourself for that matter too seriously in life. Why in the world would go on worrying about what others think and crap like that? I mean hell, most likely those same people ain't even gonna throw you a damn party when you're dead and gone!"

then he goes on to say:
"Its like people in the church always mourning about death when that's supposed the be the Victory! They ain't figured out yet that dying is when you get the Life Everlasting stuff, its being born in this life that's the shit kicker!"

Have I ever mentioned that I love working with my boss???? He kills me! I almost blogged another conversation we had in here a couple of days ago, but because of the nature of the conversation I didn't. But oh man was it hilarious! Never a dull moment in our office and yes, he's knows I blog about his random statements..he cracks me up!


lakeviewer said...

Lucky you.

Rikkij said...

April-why am I thinking of Lou Grant? too tired again, sleep.....ZZZzzzz.....~rick

Double-Dolphin said...

He he he. Reminds me of my first boss. Great to have people like that in the workplace.

Spellbound said...

How do you get work done? I'd be right back with a comment and off we'd go into fun but non productive mode.