Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Last Day of Summer's Thoughts

I thought it would be fun to see what collaboration we could each do together on blogger. So, below is an unfinished poem of mine I started today and then I thought, "I wonder what others' thoughts of a last day of summer might be?" So I am asking and hoping that you each will write something to build upon what I've started here.

Have fun with it!!! I look forward to reading your thoughts!

A Last Day of Summer's Thoughts

Its a beautiful day,
a breeze with the cool of autumn
telling you its on its way.

Oh, but couldn't we just have a summer night again,
filled with starbrights and laughter ringing like fairy tales?
And what about a few fireflies twinkling their glows,
the music of the nights crickets at our toes?

'course not a bit of that's any good if there aren't a few
friends gathered around and a bon of fire abloom.
Didn't have any of that this year, lots of things to do,
But maybe if I get just one more day I could invite one or two.


Rikkij said...

the friends, they are nice
the weather quite fair
but the waves,
it's the waves
that trundle my care

laughter round campfire
to the cricket's strange lore
it's your smile
through the breeze
that makes me want more

Spellbound said...

THis is lovely just as it is. I find it impossible to write poems this way however. It has to be overcome by passion, the kind that makes me stop the car and scribble words on a receipt i find in my pocket book.

BloggerMouth said...

I am not going to attempt to build this because it doesn't look incomplete to me!! Made me think of my days last summer. Great poem!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Wonderful! I like it!

Thank you. I am not quite that spontaneous but I understand your sentiments perfectly. When a poem hits you it hits you and it must be penned down.

Thanks! Summer is winding down for us here and I am not looking forward to snow. Because while it is pretty, it brings cold shivering, freezing weather with it and I am not fond of cold weather at all.