Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Love Looking for Fellow Blogger Quotes!

When I have time to really look through the posts that is. You each are quite brilliant with your writings you know and its sometimes hard to pick which ones to quote. Everyone I follow and read is very talented in my opinion. So, with that said- here you go my blogger friends, these are the latest quotes I've found:

"You can never do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." Kris author of This Will Hurt Me

"Live in the choices that don't bring such woes." Shadow guest author at The Second Road

"Odd that. And disconcerting that I can no longer trust my feelings to give me accurate information about my state of health." Barry from An Explorer's View of Life

"You can still love a family member, even while wondering where the hell they came from" Deedee author of Deedee, Cut Adrift!

"My apologies to Pastor Baker who warned me against such language but never mentioned the evolution of poop in a father's life." C. Micheal Cox author of God of Another World

"She was a train with no reverse. A river disguised in her many forks, and a metaphor for the metaphor." Rikkij author of One Big Love


Rikkij said...

April-not sure my comment got through. I love Deedee's though I suspect it's me she's referring to. Thanks for the shout out. ~rick

Shadow said...

nice collection of quotes once again. and thanks for the mention.

thank you too, for the tears explanation. as i read it, i remember reading something about that some time ago. i''m going back to investigate....

Barry said...

Thanks for noticing. I'm honoured to find my quote in such fine company.

Syd said...

Great quotes. Thanks for sharing these.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Well, your comment is here- but I don't think any of my comments ever came through on your blog post "Crazier than Batshit". It had me rolling with laughter! If you'd change the pic to a girl with blonde hair you'd have described my best friend Triana to a T with that one! Hilarious!

You and Deedee aren't related are you??? Or are you just meaning that you'd be the one family member in your family that everyone would apply that statement too?

No problem! For both things.

I always try to keep up with you Barry and I'm sure the others appreciate you kind thoughts of their qoutes just as much as I do. Thanks for dropping by when I know you've got so much more going on in your life.

Your Welcome! Though I'm grateful to each blogger because without their posts and thoughts, there wouldn't be anything to quote. I think one of these days I'll do a list of Comments to Quote, because sometimes people write some really interesting stuff to other bloggers in the comments.