Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hoping you can hear me through my words

This is the one time when I really wish I knew how to record my voice and post it on the internet, because I would surely sing this song for you all if I knew how to do that. This song has been inspired by my previous posts during the past couple of weeks. I'm not the best at writing songs, so this might not be real good, but I wanted to share it with you each anyway.

I hope with all my heart that everyone who reads this blog will attempt to help do what they can to help others and even share it on the Do Something Good Post. Have a good night everyone and enjoy reading my song.

A Song of Mine

If you do something good
It will show
and if you place your heart
where its needed most
You will find a peace
that you had never known.

All I know
is that I have
everything I ever needed
to change my path.

I still try
I try my best
to give it all that I have
to the rest of the world
who hurts
and who is in pain
Show them something
that gives them hope
to last each day

I don't have much
But I know
that I have
everything I ever needed
to change the world.
to change the world.
Do something good, mmm, mm, do something good.
and change the World.


Rikkij said...

April- even just wanting too is change enough. the actions will follow. ~rick

Shadow said...

this reminds me so much of... change what you can in your own environment, and what you are shines through much louder that the words you utter

Double-Dolphin said...

You can record your voice, there's a very simple and free software out there called "Audacity" you can use.

findingmywingsinlife said...


Someday I am going to meet you in person just to give you a hug!

Double Dolphin,
Thanks for the info! I will have to get to know this software and see what I can do with it! Oh, the possibilities..... Yeayyyy!

Spellbound said...

go to my profile page and click on "audio post" it will give you the site where you can record your voice on line

Brosreview said...

The intention and will to do something good by giving to this life despite having less for yourself makes you a good, a kind individual. I wish there were more like you.

"this might not be real good" -

I have read numerous poems/songs that use metaphors that may urge a person to stop reading the piece due to its complex nature (ahem, my songs can be such annoying too). But, the key is delivering the emotion via those words. That is the beauty of the bands and artists between the 60's and mid-80's. They kept it simple and very very soulful.

So, never doubt your writing. I have read quite a few of your poems. They are very soulful as you write them occasionally and it comes straight from the heart.

Keep writing!!!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I promise I will do that and in the near future maybe I'll have a post you and everyone else can listen too. I'll be cringing the whole time worring over how awful I think I sound though ;) (if Triana ever sees this comment she'll smack me, she happens to think I'm very good at singing.)

Did anyone ever tell you that comments like that might earn you a hug??? Thanks Ajey for the encouragement. A person needs that every now and then sometimes.