Friday, August 7, 2009

Do Something Good

This is a very personal post and also a call to action. I hope after reading this, you understand why.

When I was at the training in Indianapolis, I met Ike Randolf- blog author of Good Works Indiana and also the Executive Director of OFBCI (Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives). One of the things we discussed was my desire to build a web site that showed not only good works, but the ripple from those good deeds. It is a project that Rab and I have been discussing on how to really make it work. Ike was so impressed by the idea, he asked for my contact information and said he'd be in touch. And he did exactly that. There was an email waiting for me when I got back in the office.

Now, I have no idea where this idea will go or how far I will get with it, but I would like to explain why its so important to me and to do that I will share some personal information.

I've shed a lot of tears in my life. Tonight, more than I've shed in a long time. I don't cry often.
Many of you have followed on here for a long time and have had the opportunity to read My Life Chronicles (also known by some as the Wing Seeker Chronicles), in that case you understand all too well what these next sentences mean.

***Please note that if you click on the Life Chronicles link, you'll want to scroll to the bottom of the page and work your way backwards through the stories.***

Tonight, I cried for my Dad who is in the Indiana State Penitentiary for Drinking and Driving one too many times, I cried for my best friend Triana who is also in a county jail for the same reason. I cried for my mother who is only 47 years old and suffering from early onset dementia. I cried for my high school friend Melissa Pletcher who died last year after two heart transplants, she was 27. I cried for the abusers who inflicted pain on me and my family as I grew up. I cried for all the families I've worked with and couldn't place in a home. I cried for every friend of mine who has called my phone during a time of need, knowing I'll pick up at all hours in an effort to stay their hands from ending their lives. I cried for those I can't be there for who I know are struggling (I have friends all over the world now through Blogger).

and am still crying as I write this. Because I can't fix this all by myself. It takes more than just me trying to do it.

I think people need to see that doing good does make a difference, that it goes beyond what most think. That it has a definition unlike what they've always thought it to be. I think most have not seen the end result of one act of kindness, they haven't been able to be convinced that the world is indeed changing- for the better I believe, and they've never truly believed that people care enough to give a hand.

But I believe, deep down, everyone does care- they just don't know how to make their caring meaningful and productive. People want to see that what they're doing is doing something. That's what I hope to accomplish with this web site idea. I hope to show people that what they did, literally affected the whole world in a positive way. I want to track the results from one good thing and post it. I want to change the world. I want to show you each that that one act of kindness, of giving your love to another individual- that it grows into something much more profound and bigger.

I think you guys do too. Help me change it. Do something good for someone you know and someone you don't know. Tell me about it here in the comments or have them share their story. Help me to help others see the good in the world long enough to stop doing the other things that hurt them and others. If you need more inspiration, click on the video link below.

If Every One Cared by Nickelback
And while you all are doing your end of the deal by doing something good, I'll continue mine and do what I can to get this website idea off the ground. People need to know what good is doing for the world.


Jacki said...

What an awesome idea!
I look forward to reading the posts. The world is just filled with too much negative babble. It's a shame that it's become the norm to look at the ugly, instead of the good in people!

Robert Beverly said...

Thanks for letting me know this post is here. I should have a story to share soon about some pro-bono work for a charity in my area. Keep the wheels turning.

Rikkij said...

April-seems to be a flood of misery these days and no one being spared. I guess thank God for tears for it seems to help for a time. Take care~rick

Brosreview said...

When I received your e-mail filled with support and concern, I felt light. Yes, I did mention in the reply to you that I did not think that anyone from the blog would care much about anyone's absence. You did! You are a true friend! And, I wish you only the best in life!