Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What are Tears?

Tears are the carriers of each unwhispered thought,
of joys lost, of faith robbed, of lives lost, of dreams gone.

They carry goals pursued, the chases left behind, the paths overgrown.
Onward they fall as we fall, with each tear there is a cry, a hollowed out desperation.

Tears are also the carriers of every thought unspoken,
of longing to hold, of joys to share, of lives spent together or apart.

Gracefully they fall as we stand, with smiles planted, throats constricted,
hands held tightly, as the words we wished to say stayed stuck in our heads.

Tears are carriers of every emotion imaginable, they are our legacy
of what is, of what has been, of what could be, and of what is to come.

Unabashedly they come, sometimes unbidden, but never unwarranted
in the moments of a newborns cry, of a passing soul, of life is what they are.


Brosreview said...

This touches the heart. A great definition, a beautiful explanation of the word, tears. I love every line here! Keep writing!!!

Rikkij said...

April- maybe tears are what let's us know we're alive. except you said it so much better. ~rick

Shadow said...

these are the most beautiful words i've read today. they do speak, from opposite ends of the spectrum alike, and cleanse like nothing else can...

Syd said...

Thanks for sending the great photos of the old tree. It has many names carved on it. It will be around much longer than the people.

So true what you wrote today.

findingmywingsinlife said...

This means so much to me to hear someone say that. Thank you for that Ajey.

I think you're right and you said it just as well.

I wholeheartedly agree. Tears are neccessary for us and they are a unique trait we all share.

Your welcome! and you're right it will be around much, much longer. It is in one of our state parks, so I imagine it will be around quite a long time.