Monday, July 27, 2009


Sometimes there are so many things i think of all at once.
sometimes I wonder where exactly we all are.
Sometimes it seems the world is too much for me
and sometimes I think I only think I need.

Sometimes I just want to stop and smell the soft breeze in the air.
Sometimes I like to dip my toes in a cool stream while sitting on a softened rock.
Sometimes there is nothing comparable to the view looking up at a tree.
and sometimes running runs the breath right out of me.

Sometimes a cicada's loud shrill in midsummer's eve reminds me of memories.
Sometimes there are flowers of cornflower blue that grow along our roads views.
Sometimes my hand rushes in excitement as I hand write a thought
and sometimes the day gets away from me uncaught.

Sometimes the smooth drops of warm rain feel like a cleansing bath.
sometimes it seems I could reach out and touch someone even through long miles of road.
Sometimes not knowing is knowing enough in the innocence of being naive.
and sometimes, just sometimes our lives become weaved.


Rikkij said...

April-thank God for some of them sometimes, and some maybe not so good. Good stuff to think on. nicely written. ~rick

Shadow said...

how i love your sometimes... exquisite! just how life is.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Rikkij and Shadow,
Sometimes the sometimes are all we need. Thanks guys for reading this, I wrote it when I was having a really difficult day.