Monday, July 13, 2009

More Pictures and thoughts on Life

Other than kayaking (which was a wonderful experience, relaxing and rejuvenating) Triana and I did some hiking afterwards. On the trail we came across this big tree that you see above. Over the years, it has borne the mark of carvings inscribed on it by those passerbys looking to stake a claim on a memory they hope to never forget, lest the world should do so.
And so, as we stood in awe and wonder at the size and significance that this tree supposedly now holds for each person who carved something, I asked Triana one question, "Why is it that even though we were only a few miles away from this State Park, why didn't we ever do these very things we are doing now? I mean really, to do what you've always said you were going to do in life (like our kayaking adventure) why didn't we do these things in High school?"
Her answer was,"You never realize when your dream is right in front of you and sometimes you'd rather run from them when they are too close to home."
So that got me to thinking and our pictures describe my thoughts perfectly.
I was thinking sometimes you look down the road of life and wonder where its going to take you.
and as you go along, you sometimes find yourself stuck in mud, mired in roadblocks that sometimes seem impossible to overcome.
and as you keep going, you start feel as though you've been struck by lightning and splintered beyond repair
Or you find yourself growing and learning in seemingly all the wrong places-just as this tree has planted itself in the midst of the Lily Pads.

But still, along the way you find beauty in the simple and beautiful things..

And Life's view still looks pretty sweet..

And wouldn't you know, you've managed to carve your mark in the roots of Life itself,

And you find that the road might hold suprises, might hold tears, but just as the Lily is a beautiful bloom in the water, so are you as you float above the trials of Life.


Noelle said...

Beautiful pictures, sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time!

Shadow said...

you are a dream of a writer. thank you for this amazing message!

Rikkij said...

April- thanks for sharing your journey. Lovely pics and telling. you always have nice weekend jaunts it seems. ~rick

Syd said...

Wonderful post. Thanks for the photos and the words. That old tree with the carvings is magnificent.

findingmywingsinlife said...

We did have a pretty good time!

No problem. It was something I think I needed as well.

Thank you, we do try to occasionally do something different at least one weekend a month. I think we are trying to spend a lot of BF time because her plans are to move back to KY as soon as she is able.

Glad you liked it.