Saturday, July 4, 2009

Learning from Children

I learned two things last night from my two youngest children while we(Triana, myself, and our kids) were at the local park for the fireworks.

1. As I walked my youngest back to our van to do a neccessary diaper change before the show began, I scooped her up and pointed up into the night sky. Look at the moon V. See it? She looks all over trying to figure out where and what I'm pointing at. No V, look, follow Mommy's finger. See that's the moon up there. She finally sees it and crinkles her nose at me and says, "No its not Mom. That's a money up there."

2. Once the fireworks display started, I ended up with both my youngest two on my lap, covered up a with a blanket. After the first few fireworks, my son who is my middle child exclaims to me, "Mom aren't they beautiful? Wow. Mom look at that one, its beautiful."

I also learned that two year olds fall asleep during anything, including the grand finale display of fireworks.


Spellbound said...

I've learned so much more from mine than I ever taught. Where do people without babies go for wisdom?

Spaghetti Fields said...

Children really are amazing!

Brosreview said...

So cute! Yes, we get to learn from their innocent interpretations!