Thursday, July 23, 2009

Healing and Absolution

Before you read my poem below, you should know that today our community was shaken by a sorrow that no child should ever have to bear. I debated and debated on whether or not to post about it. But, I think maybe I need to- if only to give a voice to the children who didn't have one for a long time. I'm glad though that these men have been caught and that they will stand trial for their actions.

I don't know if the story will make national headlines, but I hope if anything that it raises the ire of people enough for them to understand that even someone they thought was trustable, could be something so ugly they'd never know it was the same person. So that children might be better protected.

I admit I have issues with churches, but never with Faith. I believe in Faith. I believe in believing in people who need faith placed in them, but I'm not naive enough to not know that there are some people that faith should never be placed in, the scar on my skull reminds me everyday of the capabilities of a "church" and those who maintain them.

This poem is for the children involved in this. May they find comfort in those they'll need in the coming days.

Healing and Absolution

I need a hand, to fend off my grief
for it is greater than I am.
I need a shoulder to brace my fears
for they are leaving me to shake in the wake.
I need a prayer to believe in
for it must be faced with the eyes that see.
I need a wound cleaned of its festered rot
for it has grown outside of me.
I need more people willing to stand
to help me stand again.
I need those to believe my pain
so that I understand what was done.
I need you to see me
I need you to see me

I need you to never hurt me again.
I wish you never had hurt me,
Why did you ask me to trust you?


Syd said...

This is so sad and needless. I don't understand why we do what we do to each other.

Brosreview said...

Beautiful lines here conveying the depth of the emotion involved very well. Keep writing!!!

TechnoBabe said...

Very moving. Cleaning the wound is necessary to prepare for the next wound. Such is life. The fact that you care so heart wrenchingly about the misused and abused children says alot about your connection to us all.

findingmywingsinlife said...

I have long asked that question myself.

Thank you for that, it was difficult to write.

Yes, I suppose we shouldn't think there won't be more wounds but I'd like to hope that we at least learn from them. Wonderful to see a new face here and thank you for the kind words. Hope you come around again!