Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday's Musings and Blogger Quotes

Well, today I want to again take some time to acknowledge all the wonderful thoughts and ponderings our fellow bloggers choose to share with their words. Here is my latest collection of Blogger Quotes:

"Let the man of music sleep eternally with his fingers still strumming with vibrant passion of life"- Dibakar Sarkar author of the diary of a dead moth

"the freedom to live my life as I choose,without fear of being watched, followed and judged by the masses is more valuable to me than all the riches in the world"- Deedee author of Deedee, Cut Adrift!

"I was in denial, or I minimized my pain by saying, 'the devil I know is better than the devil I don't know' " Syd author of I'm just F.I.N.E.- Recovery in Al-Anon

"Children have the most delightful way of living completely in the moment"- Breeze author of Breeze Daze

"The bits of years, that lay hidden and closed off, are suddenly free."- K. Lawson Gilbert author of Old Mossy Moon

And lastly( but not least I assure you), Fhina author of the blog A Woman of No Importance emailed me a few days ago after I had commented on her page. She wished to tell me thank you and to pass on an award called "Palabros Como Rosas". I will have to translate that, since I'm terrible at reading spanish, but there is one line in her email I wish to share with you each:

"Time moves so swiftly, does it not, and things do change, particularly when we have loved ones to look after and care-take..."

Have a good night everyone, I'm totally wore out again. I've come to discover that Life isn't really so bad, there might be a lot going on that's both heartbreaking to the point of trembles and beautiful like that of a melody soothing your soul (all at the same time sometimes), but its still worth carrying on. Indeed perhaps its those very characteristics of Life that make it worth it. I don't know much I suppose, but I guess like you- I'm still living and learning.


Spellbound said...

We have exhaustion in common but most of mine seems to come from joy in my life at this time. I'm thinking by the time you are ready to travel things may be a bit more ordinary, but no promises. Life keeps surprising me. Lucky me.

Rikkij said...

April, I'm always tired too. And I love that you find these precious jewels in your travels and share them. Take care~rick

Syd said...

Life is good even with the ups and downs. I am looking forward to Friday off as I am also tired. It's been a tiring week.

Shadow said...

there is always something worth carrying on for. thanks for sharing these quotes, good one's again!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Such optimism! Mind sharing it???

Yeah, I think we are all getting tired- at least that's the way things seem to be reading here in bloggerworld. So many of us, and each of us looking at a different picture.

I hear that, but I don't think I'll get to have Friday off. If I do it will be a miracle.

These ones caught my attention. I think its interesting how some of these lines say something slightly different, something a little more profound as stand alone qoutes rather than the context in which their authors used them.

Triana said...

The loose translation is something such: "words like roses" get the drift?