Monday, June 29, 2009

Singing Again..just for a day

I don't suppose I told you guys that I actually sang for someone other than myself a few weeks ago.

I was at Deer Park, Big Chris was bartending, it was still daylight out (Sunday evening and I needed to wifi to get some things done and they have free wifi) and Chris could tell I was having a miserable day. After an hour or so, I was the only one left there and he says to me, "So how's things going with the home front?"

I just looked at him. He knew I wasn't going to answer that question. I'm a fairly private person, my personal stuff is my business was basically the look he got from me.

"You just need to relax and do things you like to do. That'll solve your problems for ya. Me, I just chill, hang out, you know. " You have to know Big Chris. He's about as harmful as your old stuffed teddy bear you used to sleep with when you were little. He's just a big guy who likes to have fun and he cares alot about everyone he knows.

He left it at that when he realized that I wasn't going to carry on the conversation. I'm like that with most people I don't know all that well -I just don't talk with them and the only reason I didn't mind being the only person in that bar with him is because he's Triana's friend who she assured me was "Good people". So far, he's the only guy friend of hers that I would classify as "Good People".

Anyways, he stepped out from the bar and sat down at the piano. Chris is a big guy and his personality in no ways shows any sign of being inclined to play piano. He played Fur Elise. I had no idea the dude even knew what that song was.

I piped up then, "Chris I didn't know you could play"

"Awe now, I don't. Not really, this is about the only song I know to play on here." He stopped then and went back behind the bar. He then asks, "Do you play?"

"I play what comes to mind, I'm not very good at it. Here I'll show you what I mean." and I walked over to the piano and played whatever my hands decided. You see I can make up songs all day long on a piano- it sounds pretty decent too, but don't ask me to play it again because I play by ear- by whatever my head hears. I don't have a clue how to read notes or how to actually "play" the piano, I just know that it is soothing to play whatever comes to mind sometimes. I miss that. And I realized that as I played.

After I stopped, he said to me, "That was good, I thought you said you couldn't play? what else can you do."

"I used to sing for lots of people. When I was little I'd sing for crowds. Wasn't too bad at it. Got terrible stage fright now. Can't hardly sing in front of others much anymore because of it."

"Sing. I'll turn the mic on. There isn't no one here. Show me what you got."

So, in a crazy moment- I sang. I think the pissy mood I was in gave me just enough courage to do it. Like I was proving to myself that I still sounded good in the mic. So I sang. I sang Angel by Sarah Mclaghlan and a few others. I'm good at ballads, terrible at fast paced stuff. But when I was done, he just looked at me. "you're a bit rusty, the stage fright is definitely an issue I can tell. but one thing's for sure- you need to be out there singing again. You got a damn beautiful voice. Its countryish, and I don't listen to country- but you girl, you can sing."

Triana about had a heart attack when she showed up later and he told her I sang without drinking a drop of alcohol. Maybe I'm making progress on the bubble space issues.


Rikkij said...

Good for you, April! wish I'da been there to enjoy it! ~rick

Syd said...

Great. I bet you were good. Keep it up.

Shadow said...

be proud girl! i am proud of you!!!

Double-Dolphin said...

Can we hear a recording then?

Deedee said...

Congrats for being so brave! The only way to start doing something is to start doing it.

Spellbound said...

One of my earliest memories is of sitting in my grandmother's parlor while she peddled a foot pump organ and played by ear. She taught me so many songs and gave me a love for music that my band teacher in high school could not torture out of me no matter how he tried. My life has a sound track and it's a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. Can't wait to sing together

findingmywingsinlife said...

I would have loved it if you could have been there. Actually, I'd love to meet quite a few of my blogger friends. You each have been wonderful!

Thank you and I'll try to keep at it- got a lot of issues to work on though.

Are you sure you're not maybe a sister I didn't know I had? You're always encouraging me and I thank you for that.

If I knew technology well enough, I would probably find a way to talk myself into making one for you guys..but I have no idea how to make a recording that could be posted on here.

Wise words to give me. Thank you.

Sounds like your Grandmother was a wonderful woman.

Triana said...

I don't know what to comment about first!! NICK!!!?? He's Good People!! And KURT? Are you dissing Kurt? Shane, I can understand where you're coming from on that one, but he's changed alot since the wreck. He doesn't even remember who he was before that. I'm sure there are other's that I can justify as Good People.

I'm still shocked you sang. Without me. *sadness* Chris playing the piano... I can only imagine. Precisely why they say never judge the book by the cover. Of course you & I know that all too well.

findingmywingsinlife said...

my dear friend, you know me better than that! I wasn't dissing anyone per se, more of a general statment revolving around the idea that you seem to attract some weirdos. My apologies for not making that distinction.

And believe me, I did a double take when I realized that Chris was not only playing the piano, but also when I realized What he was playing. And you're right,never judge a book, or in this case-a person, by their cover. You never know whats inside.