Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Inquisitve Side

I've been thinking on things today, and I am finally taking some time out to write some more things in Kipleyarren. I wish I wasn't so meticulous in writing sometimes, so slow at it, but I'd rather keep going through it and adding, revising and such to make it really exceptional rather than just good.

But, returning to my creative side today made me think of some things. Many people say magic doesn't exist in the world, but I ask myself all the time -If thats true, then how is it we are all able to imagine things and create things?

And further, I wonder- Isn't our presence here, our very existence a bit "Magical"? One could almost say that our existence is impossible, and yet here we are living.

and that then, gives me hope that the world is indeed a beautiful place to be.


Laelah said...

The world can be a beautiful place if you open your eyes to it. And because people have different perceptions of beauty, there is also no definite definition of "beauty" (which is kind of a fascinating thought). :)

Keep on writing little by little. Since I'm the kind to get distracted by shiny things I have to keep on going by writing a page or so a day at least.

Rikkij said...

April- who can even define magic? I'm in if you are. When I write, if I go back and reread and edit, I always find things to change but mostly the first cut is the most honest if not the prettiest. Take care~rick

findingmywingsinlife said...

Always good to see you comment here! And I agree it is all quite fascinating when you really start thinking on it.

And yes, I'm still plugging away, but what used to be chapters at a time for me has indeed turned into only pages. I am hoping that once I get some things straightened out, I will return to my normal self (whatever that is anyway.)

Good question! I'm definitely in on that one with you.

Take care of yourself as well my friend.