Friday, June 19, 2009

Lets sing a bit, dance, and get to know each other

I'm taking my kids to a small concert venue in Fort Wayne tonight. They love music just as much as I do. So in lieu of doing a normal post of my random thoughts or a poem and such, I thought I'd share ten things about me. I warn you now, I might be boring.

  1. I'm short- a whole five foot even, but that doesn't stop me from doing much of anything.
  2. I have a stubborn streak, I could blame it on being a Taurus but I have to be honest, I don't always put much stock in horoscopes/birth signs.
  3. I fail miserably at personal relationships, that's enough about that.
  4. I love to read books, I could sit and read endlessly for hours on end. That also happens to be my personal test for the novels I'm writing- I figure if I can go back and read them and I find them entertaining as though someone else entirely wrote them, then I've done a decent job so far.
  5. I have 3 beautiful kids.
  6. I work two jobs, but both are for Habitat for Humanity. One just happens to be with the county I live in, the other for the state I live in. I truly enjoy what I do for a living.
  7. My personality throws people off I think. I'm outgoing and fairly self confident at work, but not so much in the social scene, but I'm working on it (doesn't help that my friend Triana sincerely doesn't know a stranger when we go out).
  8. I love to travel, just not made of money enough to do it.
  9. There are some life changes I'd like to do that I can't just yet, but I will and am in the process of working on it slowly. I struggle with that, but I just don't see it happening anytime soon unless I win the lottery. Oh, yeah- you have to buy a ticket first for that to happen right??? Besides the crockpot theory vs the microwave theory always worked better for me. I'm just not an instant gratification sort of person (maybe that's why people don't get me, they can't see where I'm headed because its a route that takes too long for them?? hmm, just a thought).
  10. I believe honestly and truly that my two hands can make a difference in this world and I'm bound and determined to find a way to prove it to the rest of the world that they can do the same.

So now, I'm off with my kids to check out this Fox-Elipsus singer who is making a random appearance in my area. I'll let you know if he's any good.


Rikkij said...

I hate to say this April, and hope you won't be offended. but you sound normal with just a small twist of tangerine. there. I've said it. Sorry. Enjoy the weekend! ~rick

Deedee said...

Ah! Some other things we have in common...I too am a shorty Taurus who loves to read, and write!
Don't assume it's you who is the reason for failure in your relationships-maybe it's the other person!

Shadow said...

hey! i left something for you over here

findingmywingsinlife said...

No offense taken, but I wonder- just exactly what defines normal??

Good to see you here again! I thank you for the kind words, I'm not saying I'm totally the reason for past relational failures-but I do recognize that somewhere along the line, I own part of the blame.

Thank you so much for this award, coming from you it meant alot.