Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Learning as I go, I guess that's true for all of us isn't it?

This week is getting to be a long and busy week. Lots of things to do for work- for both of the Habitats I work for and so much stuff goin on personally. I'm sure you've all had weeks, months, or heck even years where you looked back and said to yourself, "Wow. How did I ever manage to make it through?"

We do though. That's the beauty of us being such creatures called Humans. We seem to persevere in spite of ourselves. And yes, I do think we are our own worst enemy and in so many different ways.

I'd like to re-visit a poem of mine that I posted way back in January. This is the only work of mine that I've ever had published, but more importantly I think it reflects how we have to learn to look inside ourselves,and grow beyond what we've always known or what we've always been told. It is never an easy thing to face yourself.

Facing Us
We look upon the face in the looking glass,
wondering if the reflection is our own.
And the realm of possibilities
seem distant, lost, and outgrown.
In disbelief we realize
Time is not relevant for you and me.
There is more to this life
than we had once thought to be.
Change is much easier
than a constant steady mold.
We cannot change who we are,
only what things we're told.


Brosreview said...

Splendid! Short, precise, strong and true! Loved it!

Natalie said...


Rikkij said...

I've never heard it like that -can only change the things we're told. very thought provoking. take care~rick

Shadow said...

change vs. mold. change, definately change!

Syd said...

yes, we do seem to persevere. That's a good word for me. I've persevered in spite of myself. Such true words about growing beyond what we've always been told.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Glad you liked it!

I've never figured out how to make that heart symbol thingy, but hugs right back at you!

I don't suppose there are very many people in the world that have heard it like that. The world is too busy trying to tell us the way we should be, not the way we could be.

findingmywingsinlife said...

I agree, but I also caution people, change is only good if you let it. Otherwise it can do just as much damage to you and/or others.

I'm glad you found some comfort in this post. Keep on being strong and you'll stay on the road of recovery that you've chosen for yourself, of that I'm sure.