Saturday, June 13, 2009

Laugh A little, I sure did

Yesterday was quite the day, too much going on- my boss even asked if it was the 13th by chance. My reply, "Nope, your a day off on that one, its only the 12th. But it is Friday.."


So now I'm back in the office this morning working on things that need to be done before monday rolls around and you know, this is actually pretty relaxing- because I'm the only one in the office! The silence in here is a welcome retreat to the chaotic mess things were yesterday in here.

So before I go back to my working life, I'd like to share some funnies with you (ok, they may only be funny in my book so please bear with me):

My Boss is an endless supply of entertainment here at the office. We have a philosophy in here of always trying to keep things light in here because, well, we work together at least 50 hours + each week. Sooooo...having said that,we had one a visit from our wonderful and talented lady Hailey yesterday. Carl (my boss) offers to take us all out to lunch. So Michelle and Hailey pile into the back of his Honda thingy, and I in the front passenger seat. As we stop off at the bank to deposit some donations, Carl strikes up a conversation...

"You know Hailey I had to go in for a Colon Scopy a few weeks ago and before going in I was trying to determine how much this was going to cost me and you know my doctor didn't even know!"

"Oh, yeah.." Hailey was looking slightly confused, so I chimed in.

"He had a colonoscopy done. You should have heard the story I got out of him the other day."

Michelle chimes in, "Wait.. he had a colonoscopy? I thought he had a Colon Scopy!"

Hailey responds, "Uh, Michelle."


"They are the same thing, Carl just makes fun of everything in his speeches, there for he doesn't say it right."

"Oh." And all of us are laughing at this point. Then Hailey says, "Wait, April what story did you get out him?"

I reply, "Well apparently theres nothing like having your rump out and 4-5 women standing around you, pampering you. Not to mention that he figures there is nothing to be embarrassed about since these women work in a hospital so, any naked form that comes across their views is diseased anyway. Not to mention the anestetic apparently only works long enough on him to make him completely happy, scope the throat, and then he stared at the screen the whole time watching the doctors do their thing in his nether regions." Everyone laughing again, tears forming, Carl joining in of course.

Carl pipes back up, "and Yeah, they even had to scope out my throat and stuff too and the doc says to me- Don't worry we scope the mouth before the butt, I assure you."

We all couldn't help but laugh at this point, the tears rolling down from laughing so hard. The funniest thing was that we were at the bank window waiting for the deposit reciept ticket- the poor lady heard the whole conversation.


Rikkij said...

April- Everyone should have work and co-workers they like. Too many of us are just surviving the day. I think he likes the attention you ladies give him even through a little bit of making fun. ~rick

Walker said...

Happy people at work are more productive and makes for home life to be as pleasant when you get home after a good day at work but I guess it all depends on what type of work you do.
I can't see a lion tamer being to relaxed

Rab said...

... and the lady at the bank was never the same again.

Triana said...

What is this? You didn't mentioned your 3 hour venture yesterday? Hmmm... I shall ask why laterz. Oh, you know I'm going up to dad's 2moro, then monday I'd softball & I have to pick Bri up for dentist on Tues, then take her back to my dad's on Tues. James is flying into FW Tues, we're supposed to go out. I have a date Wed & Friday (yes, diff guys). I whick Thrs may still be free, but you may wanna attack it before someone else does! Lol, love ya!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I think you might be right about that :)

Nice to see a new face on here, you're welcome to stop back in any time.
And No, can't say I can see a lion tamer being too relaxed either.

Hehehe..see what I mean then ;)

I feel a strong need to say I'm going to have a SERIOUS talk with you next time I see you, but I've learned over the years that you probably won't take my instead I'll just say please stay safe in your excursions this week :)