Monday, June 8, 2009

Just thinking about blogs gone missing..

I think this may be a bit of a "would you like some cheese with that wine" post.

I enjoy reading blogs and writing. As of late, I am missing some very talented writers and thinkers here on blogger. Some of them had such interesting ideas! And many of them are kind hearted, compassionate people (though a few would not dare to admit that).

In the last few months I feel saddened to say I've seen alot of bloggers go silent or dissappear from blogland altogether.

My friend Rab, however has made a brief post recently after nearly 3 months of silence it seems and I hope that he decides to continue sharing stories with us, he is not only a talented writer, but possesses a bit of humor and wisdom in him, which makes his posts all the more enjoyable to read. Double-Dolphin has only been a bit silent for a week, so I won't get too worried about him just yet, but do pay his blog a visit- he has a heart of gold in wanting to change his world over there in India. T.J. has also recently posted an interesting, yet somber post after about a month of being silent, but again, folks do pay a visit- he also is a most talented writer.

And these are just a few of the talented individuals I've come to know on here, there are many that I can't direct you too because their blogs no longer exist. So many individuals, men and women either distressed that maybe they didn't fit in here among us other bloggers, caught up in their real lives in the busyness of it all (leaving little time to do anything else), or they had explicit reasons for stopping blogging all together.

Whatever their reasonings are or were for stopping blogging, I just wanted to let them know in this post that I felt that they were worth reading while they were on here and that I hope to see them share their thoughts once again with the world.

But only when they are ready to, and if not well that's ok too.


Rikkij said...

It's really nice to see bloggers encouraging each other. Nice job! ~rick

Breeze said...

Double Dolphin commented on my facebook page so he's ok..just busy maybe! The others I don't know about.


Spellbound said...

Pick one: Well lives get busy and people change. I have a theory that a lot of us come here with issues that we need to resolve. Once we are free from them we move on. The blog begins to rule your life after a time and you feel guilty when you don't post.

Syd said...

I agree that some of my old blogger buddies are missing. I hope that they come back. There weren't so many of us when I started. We were a fairly tight knit group. I miss them and would like to know that they are okay.

Spaghetti Fields said...

I'm very happy I found this site. I've wanted one for a long time! I wish I would found this have years ago... Of course I think my style is kind of "off"

...I'm in the process of taking all my blogs and putting them on here... Kinda wishing I hadn't. I had quite a few.

We still need to get together, by the way!

Rab said...

Hello there... thank you for the compliment. You have gained something in the last three months. Perhaps a lot of something, for so short a time. I can tell from the resonance in your writing.

Shadow said... would be nice to know the why. even if just to know they're okay.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Thank you!

That's good to know, Thank you. I've sincerely appreciated getting to know you through your blog and that in turn brought DD here, so thank you for helping me connect with more people Breeze. I'm not always good at socializing very well...the whole bubble space issue.

Hope that your trip was exciting and that you had a wonderful time! I think maybe that theory of yours might be on to something. I know my blog is therapy for me so why not for others as well?

I know what you mean, blogging isn't just some random thing we do is it? No, it seems I've made some wonderful friends that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to get to know otherwise. Those that leave blogland leave an impression don't they, its not like you can walk next door to see how things are going when they stop blogging because they are all around the world.

Spaghetti Fields,
HELLO woman! So nice to see you on here! I just about died laughing at a few of your last posts..only you was all I could think. And your style is not off, its just you and you know we (Triana and I) wouldn't have you any other way!

But you're right, we all need to get together again sometime soon for a few laughs. (for the other bloggers- Spaghetti Fields, Triana, and I know each other from high school...we all go way back).

Hello there yourself! Glad to see you on here. I'm not sure about what you think I might have gained, but I can tell you that I'm learning to be able to open up every now and then in spite of the "bubble space" issues. I think I'm learning to be ok with me, despite what I've been told all these years.

I agree, it would be nice to know the why and to know their ok. But, I remind myself that no blogger is obligated in any way to explain themselves or their dissapearances on here, least of all to me.