Friday, June 26, 2009

How things often go...

Getting ready to be in a parade tonight (not my favorite thing, but I do like walking so that will be ok), got some news about mom- they're not sure about some things so more tests will be in order, and I am going to head to a concert tonight at Piere's in Fort Wayne to see one of my favorite locals bands- Sirface with Triana.

I'm overloaded to be quite honest. Here's a random poem, I'm just going to let my typing go and sing out loud to myself and see what I come up with:

I am wondering when
will this all change.

I am always hoping
to find my way home.

I look for everything,
all these answers that I seek
but I don't see how
this will be alright.

Take some time and
think of all the memories

Trying to forget the bad
and remember the good:
the wagon rides,
the leaves piled high
Momma yellin supper's on,
better get a move on.

Can't change the time
or the signs that doctor sees.
Wish I could put my brother's
bottle down, show him all around-
give him courage to find his way.
Maybe then someday,
he'd find his children and
see two girls grown
they've gone and flown before his very eyes.

And silly me, well I guess I can't see-
because I'm always asking Why??


Laura said...

Bless you and your family with grace..And you do see...asking why is like focusing your attention on order to see and understand. Great poem. I pray that all is well with your mother. Love and Light , Laura

Rikkij said...

April, home is where you hang your hat. Hang it everywhere and anywhere! Shake your head and laugh at nothing. even giggle. You'll be home in no time. Like your random plinking. ~rick

Rebekah Cadman said...

I love the fact this poem just flowed out of you. It has that feel. Like a secret seeped out onto the page. Lovely poem.

Double-Dolphin said...

Good stuff!

Shadow said...

oh, we all ask why, don't we... nice poem!